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Are your dreams logical?

How Do Dreams Compare To Reality?

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skado 9 Dec 23

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I have a standing order to Wake Up if they get too weird!


Until I had my first pacemaker put in and several medications added to my life, I rarely dreamed or at least was never aware of any but the occasional one. But now, I have crazy ass dreams on a nightly basis, most involving a lot of running around, frustration, confusion or exhaustion. Since I have very little of any of these in my real life, maybe I am just getting all that out of my system! Some are so intense I can wake up, go to the bathroom and be right back in them when I lay down! 😂



bobwjr Level 10 Dec 24, 2021

My nonsensical dreams make sense as they are symbolic of issues in my life. For example, many people dream that they can fly. This is nonsensical, but it often symbolizes a need or want to escape reality. Wave dreams are also a common dream; when I dream about tsunamis, it means that I feel that I am overwhelmed by issues in my life. However, in the dreams they waves never harm me, and this is my subconscious "telling" me that I will make through. When one wave picked me up and deposited me safely inland, it was nonsensical but still, reflective of reality.


I rarely remember my dreams anymore. I remember some crazy ones when I was a child. I'll get an occasional partial memory of new ones every now and then but never anything vivid. Sometimes I sarcastically wonder if I even dream anymore.


I was against dreaming since adolescent life because I was just afraid of crashing and burning in the environment I was in overseas - of despair, lack of meritocracy, nepotism, corruption, lack of opportunities, poverty etc. I regularly heard of people dreaming of big things and really falling by wayside in life. I personally heard people saying I would be a star in Bollywood, I am going to be rich or famous and saw them in a few years in despondent situations including in my extended family. I dreaded to be among them and started not to even watch romantic and unrealistic movies. I don't even remember reading any romantic novels ever. I did not want to live in that world. I became ultra-pragmatic and only believed in planning and executing well to reach my goals. My style is still the same. I am interested in anyone who talks about big ideas but also talk about how he/she will get there. I would probably assess in the first 10 minutes if they have it. In the last 10 years, I have known someone who talked about running a $300 million company and been meeting people, venture capitalists every day. Today he has no money to pay rent, racked up multiple credit cads but hasn't given up. He is very sensitive about anyone taking him into anything pragmatic including good solutions. We remember the childhood saying - "I would either with butter or eat nothing". I do not want be in that place.

There is no dreamer or romantic bone in my body. I like to enjoy, spend, laugh, travel, dress well, drink fine wine, be naughty, break some rules, live well but anyone talking silly shit turns me off quickly. I am easily attracted to pragmatic, independent thinking folks with a spark of intelligence - not books and degrees. If there is a scammer successful at cheating me, he would be very pragmatic, talking sense.


Rarely, now. But when I was employed as a problem solver, I would often awaken with a good resolution for a problem that had been put on the “back burner”.


Long ago, I read that if you write down your dreams consistently, you will dream more often and remember dreams in greater detail. This is known as the memory- or mind-palace technique. [] I kept notebooks about my dreams, and I've had incredible dreams about various mind-palaces and emotional interactions. I would try to wake up from a dream or connected dreams and write all of that down immediately. I got a lot of fascinating, intensely imaginative material for poems, prose and other creative activity that way.


Since I was a child I have had dreams of flying like a bird. But I also often dream of being at my desk where I will work out solutions to things I have struggled with when awake.


A bit of both really, though often they do relate a little to what is happening in life at the time, they are usually quite unrelated and rarely logical, but some of the more memorable ones are. What I find really strange about dreams though is how easily they are to forget, even quite vivid or disturbing dreams that are fresh in the mind when you wake up, can not be recalled at all by mid day.

Mine are much the same. On the surface, they can be disjointed and illogical but they very often relate (logically) to things going on in my life.


Usually, mine is damn logical and realistic, as a developer so many times I've solved my Code Programming and Math issues in my dreams, sometimes it's fantastic, but most of the time I just wake up tired. the pattern I know is; it's related directly to how my mind is busy with something.

Diaco Level 7 Dec 24, 2021

This was also my experience when I was working. In fact, I often would intentionally put problems “on the back burner” and let my subconscious solve them.


I am extremely unimaginative.

So most of my dreams are my worries combined with whatever media I am being exposed to.

I have long conversations with strangers I forgot the names to. I keep accidentally reliving inconvenient embarrassments that I dream about earlier.


I’ve never heard of anyone’s dreams, ever, being logical.


I go for a while w/o remembering them, then bam I do. When I do remember, my 1st thought is, "Holy shit Batman."


Neither of those, my dreams are a mixture of real life events/problems and pure fictional scenarios. Most of the fictional ones are bizarre in nature and mostly humorous. Cannot say the same for the more linear dreams I have, which at times have been downright disturbing. Just ask @Pralina1 about the one dream I had a few months back which turned out to be mostly reality. One of the most disturbing I had in recent memory was a dream that depicted serious rioting in the streets and upheaval, buildings and other objects set on fire etc, all happening under a Trump Administration. That was back in October 2016, before it was even known that Trump would become the next President, and fast-forward to the summer of 2020 that saw mass rioting with the racial protests that occured all across the country. That be just one example of the more realistic dreams I've experienced. Small wonder why I can't sleep some nights.


My dreams are filled with imagination.


in the moment, just as real. On reflection absurd.


I don't remember my dreams so I can't answer your question.

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