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LINK As Hindu Extremists Call for Killing of Muslims, India’s Leaders Keep Silent

Right-wing Hindu activists at a conference took an oath to harm Muslims if necessary to make “a Hindu-only nation,” the most blatant example of rising anti-Muslim sentiment across India.

snytiger6 9 Dec 25

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I know this is not going to be a popular opinion but I'm not big on what's popular. Here goes: Muslims have brought a lot of this on themselves by not forcefully denouncing their more extremist members over the decades. From hijacking of planes (not just on 9/11/01) to calling for death of cartoonists they have been largely silent. Now they're bothered by reactions to their Theocratic BS. I'll jot it down on my long list of things to be bothered over. It's number 9,011, 0001.

I can't say that you are wrong about that. If any religion is silent about their extremists, and don't admonish them or their actions, then they open the door for retaliation of some kind.


Same shit, different actors. Religious killing is as old as religion.

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