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Is it free will or fate and why?

Is it..

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Sailor90 3 Dec 26

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In the various myths of how the world works there does seem to be a subtle difference between Fate and Destiny.
Destiny usually is represented as "that which will invariably happen regardless of any attempted interference"
Fate, however is the offering (and re-offering) of paths and opportunities which maybe chosen or rejected as a matter of free will, what Faye Weldon called god's rewrites
As I personally believe in neither of these and am very much at odds with modern thinking that there is no such thing as free will (argument which are themselves reliant on the ludicrous idea of Pre-destination) I vote for Freewill


I vote for free will, but with limits and caveats.

Our will is only as free as our subconscious decisions allow it to be, our conscious thoughts are limited by experience, and every choice is influenced by others making their own choices, as well as nature doing what nature does.


A pointless question, about three fictions.

And even if free will and destiny did exist, it would only matter to believers, since you can only sin, in the sense of place a stain on your soul, if you have a soul. Therefore what causes you to supposedly sin, is of no interest here.


There is no free will (our decisions are made subconsciously, from limited data and past reference, before we are consciously aware of making that decision). Fate is a fallacy so there can be no such thing as destiny. Depends isn't an honest choice. Maybe add one?

They are however still actually decisions made by a mind formed from individual experience, and it is actually the unconscious mind that makes such decisions not the subconscious

@LenHazell53 Research tells us that is wrong. Decisions are made before the conscious mind is aware of them.

@rainmanjr I am not disputing that, what I am saying is that the unconscious mind works within parameters that are conditioned and learned according to the nature, nurture, knowledge and lived experience of the individual, in accordances with the wants, needs and desires of the individual.
That still amounts to individual freewill.

@LenHazell53 I think I got you but I do not consider what is done from instinct, or the unconscious mind, as free and reasoned will.

@rainmanjr Instinct is something else again, but it is perfectly possible and often even desirable to go against one's instinct, doing so is the root of civilisation and science, both of which I view as prime examples of free will.

@LenHazell53 But we don't.


"Destiny", a concept along the lines of the pointless "it is what it is" or "It was meant to be", becuz Hindsight can explain/give meaning to Any damn thing.


Neither. Fate is nonsense and free will is an illusion.


All of the above.

skado Level 9 Dec 26, 2021



Who knows, and who says we can know? There are good arguments for both. I prefer to think we have "free will" but that's just being human.

I tend to say both are correct, you are forced to take 5 specific paths but you who chooses which one of these pthas you are taking.

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