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LINK Indigenous communities in Mexico are replacing corn crops with cannabis

Undermining the power of the drug cartels. Emptying the prisons of cannabis prisoners. Providing jobs with tax benefits in poor rural areas. Even Mexico is passing us in progressive ideas. Legalizing abortion in a Catholic dominated culture. Is another. Hello Biden!?!

Mooolah 8 Jan 8

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This is not such a bad idea. The American war on drugs created the current drug hysteria that has even caused murder in the name of profit. It was also a way towards price control.


It's fascinating watching the world blow right by the USA in nearly all aspects regarding social and/or sociological matters.

I didn't think I'd live to see the day when Mexico had universal health care and tired of the USA war on drugs.

Good for them.


Biden has to wait for congress to send a bill for him to sign into law.

You are correct. He should be speaking with the opponents in his party to end the stall. (Among the myriad of other issues like relisting LOBO)


I smoke more cannabis, than corn anyway. Hey, have you seen my pipe...I just had it a minute ago?

Its in your hand.

@Mooolah Are you sure...? Or you just messing with my mind...?


Good on them.


I guess this means there will be a corn shortage.

We will all be stoned and starve to death.

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