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LINK Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Government of 'Murder' Over Withholding Ivermectin for COVID

(Actual scientific studies, although limited in samples, show that the medication kills more people than the virus would have.)

snytiger6 9 Jan 10

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By all means, Ivermectin should be a take-home option after the patients sign a waiver exempting the hospital from any and all litigation.


The only potential positive to ivermectin I’ve heard touted is that it reduces parasite load for patients in regions of the world where that is a concern. So by doing its actual job against worms it could improve outcomes in people so afflicted who also have COVID. If you don’t have worms but have COVID perhaps nothing gained with ivermectin hence a pointless treatment as it currently stands.

Until Omicron there were several effective monoclonals. Where available new antivirals could help. Dexamethasone also seems to work. Those, aside from benefits of vaccination per inducing B and T cell immunity in greatly reducing severity, seem to be whats in the arsenal.

Why hasn’t Big Pharma conspired against use of dexamethasone? Are “They” going soft? [sarcasm]

Why people continue futilely clinging to alternative treatments with dubious effectiveness I dunno. More a tribal stamp than display of relevant knowledge? Their core identity seems invested in maintaining stubborn reactance to an evil Other (Fauci, Biden, Big Bird).


She is correct on all counts.

BDair Level 8 Jan 10, 2022

Ivermectin's safety profile is well proven, after billions of doses have been administered worldwide over many decades. It is one of the safest medications on the planet. And there are dozens of studies and clinical trials proving its efficacy for viral infections, in prophylaxis and treatment.

@BDair As a medicine for parasites it has been proven effective, if the patients are otherwise healthy. However, it is NOT an anti-viral drug. Persons who had Covid who had been treated with it are more likely to die than if they had no treatment. This is because Covid can prevent body organs from performing properly. Most younger persons who die from Covid are dying from "sudden organ failure". Persons who take Ivermectin increase the chances of this happening.

Ivermectin has been proven in studies and clinical trials all around the world, to be efficacious for COVID 19 in all stages of illness. It works in prophylaxis to prevent infection. It works in early onset to prevent severe illness and hospitalization. It cures long haulers. And it has saved people that were being written off for dead, intubated in an induced coma. Ivermectin works.

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"Most younger persons who die from 'Covid Vaccines' are dying from "sudden organ failure". I fixed your statement to make it more accurate.

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