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What is your take (conservative or non) on "Gun Control" ?

Exclusive: Smart guns finally arriving in U.S., seeking to shake up firearms market


FearlessFly 9 Jan 12

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A computer with a barrel and a bullet in it. So many can't use a gun properly and there's a lot of computer dummies as well. Why don't we put the 2 together. Yeah, that's brilliant, NOT.


There are so many non-smart guns in the world, it won't make much difference.

I think it would make a big difference to anyone who had their gun taken away by a 'bad guy' ! ! ! 😛

@FearlessFly clarification smart guns won't make us much safer because there are too many non-smart guns used by non-smart people.

Yes it would make a difference for someone who's carrying a smart gun but that won't ever be me. Since I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull the trigger they would just take it away from me and hit me over the head with it.


Does it quack?


Wyatt-fucking-Earp believed in gun control! Nuff said.

I always use Marshall Dillon for my example.

@Lorajay Earp was real. No guns in town. A man ahead of the times.


I think this might be the answer to this problem but it won't take. The NRA will point out that if your comrade is disabled you can't use their gun. Obviously not going to be a popular feature.


If people want to use that its their prerogative, but if it is forced it is infringement.

Tejas Level 7 Jan 12, 2022

"forced" ? . . . wth
. . . not heard anyone attempting that. 😛
I doubt the US military will 'jump on the smart gun bandwagon'.
I can imagine a LEO org requiring smart guns, but I think unlikely.
If that happened I would argue that a 'use a smart gun or lose your job' motivation is NOT the same thing as "forced". 😛


Some folks would argue that 'gun control' means insuring that you are hitting your target. 🙂

Others might argue that the 2A is 'inviolate'.

Othere will advocate that they will only acquire a 'smart gun' after LEOs have had (widespread) use of them for (x number) years.

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