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Can we survive without money?

Hudson007 3 Jan 12

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Yes, when money becomes worthless barter economies instantly fill the void.


Yes, if you can figure out another workable way to easily buy what you need. 🙂


If everyone kept on doing what they did before the destruction of the money system, Then there is a CHANCE.


Humanity survived without money for millenia before Croesus arrived on the scene.


Not without a total paradime shift away from the social model by which the western world has been molded for thousands of years once the first city states were established a social classes or caste systems were implement as methods of control and exploitation.
That is to say away from basing the worth of the individual being based upon what they have, rather than what they can contribute.
A society based around productivity for the over all good rather than on profit for the elite, for a general rise in well being, rather than an aspiration for personal advancement and superiority in the pecking order.
A return to a type of society practiced in tribal communities, where the members of the group all contribute a skill, talent or craft to everyone else for the common good without ambition of greed, but instead a commune based on mutual altruism.
Of course today in a capitalist society, such ideas are demonised by the ruling elite who see them as a threat to their position and power as "Socialism" "Communism" and "Dangerous" because without poverty and desperation people cannot be controlled by fear.


Given l have been a professional musician for most of my adult life, l can say it is possible, not easy, but possible. 😁


Not in this society.


In it's stead what would you propose that we trade?

Trade is a social construct, in an ideal world no one would trade, everyone would contribute according to ability and receive according to need. A society based on altruism not avarice.

@LenHazell53 yes I concur almost completely: everyone one should trade according to ability and receive according to need, and in this paradigm shifted utopia I would not question the motives of strangers bearing gifts of questions about money.

@LenHazell53 perhaps my initial comment was too cryptic, however, the origami appears to be unfolding along the expected lines in her other posts. of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings, and why escamotage is the etymon of scam and many other things.


can you grow taters?

Yes, I can.

No but I go to the Tate gallery quite frequently and I see that a lot of people are interested in the art and innovation.

@Mcflewster hard to eat a Tate perusal, tho I'm sure it's quite engaging. are they the ones with some john singer sargent paintings?

@hankster I guess so.

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