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LINK Cremated Remains of 89 People Found By 'Urban Explorer' in Abandoned Ohio Church

Don't use this pastor for your confidences.

Mooolah 8 Jan 14

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Cremation is much cheaper if you don't go through a funeral home and go directly to the crematorium. I've been told cremation costs start at $3,000 when you go to a funeral home. I have a feeling that's what this preacher was doing and saving people a lot of money. It also sounds like the funeral home directors are the ones that were really after him because of the money they were losing. It is common to store crematory remains in a church. Some Churches have little drawers some Churches have scatter gardens.

When my husband died I went directly to a crematorium and it cost me $600 which was $200 cheaper than a normal cremation because they were 2 hours late picking up the body. I did not buy an urn which would have been four or five hundred dollars more. Instead I opted for a cookie jar and a friend painted his initials and a picture of his favorite cowboy boots on it. I always felt sure that he would have preferred a cookie jar to an urn. This is a lousy photo but it's on the very top shelf and I would need a ladder to take a good picture.

Personally, I want a natural burial. My mother-in-law had one. Her town has a cemetery that is nothing but natural burials and if she had died at home, it would have only cost $300 for opening the plot on a Saturday. That is very cheap any time of the week. But unfortunately she died in a hospital over 100 miles away which meant the funeral home had to be involved to transport the body. The cost of the transport was only about $300 BUT they have a lot of unexplained fees and it actually cost close to 4k. They wanted to charge another 4k for a pine box, but my sister-in-law insisted that she be buried in a frock made of natural material (that she provided)l and that kept the cost from really sky rocketing. The day of the burial the funeral home brought the body to the cemetery and then these two guys just stood there and did nothing to help put her in the hole. It was still a beautiful way to bury someone and I wish we could have buried my mother naturally, but she wanted to be buried with her parents and that cemetery would not allow it. I am so intent on a natural burial but live too far away from any. I did buy a plot about 50 miles from me for 1k. It will cost another 1k to open the plot when the time comes and involving the funeral home for transportation only will cost another 4k. I don't know how they get away with it.

@MyTVC15 funeral homes have lobbyists and that's how they get away with it.
I never considered a natural burial but kind of wish I had. Oklahoma allows for burial on your own land which would have been something Kenneth would have loved since he had some farmland. I got a memorial stone and placed it in a rural cemetery that he and his brothers had mowed for years and allowed free burials for anyone from the community. It also would have been a great place for a natural burial.


That's religion for you

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 14, 2022

She walked in through an open door

but did she wear a raspberry beret?


She walked in through an open door, that is still breaking the law.

Trespassing maybe. Only if posted here. People photograph the graffitti as art & salvage. It goes on. Owners seldom clog up the courts with prosecution. Some have permission which helps. Abandoned means just that. Squatters/homeless welcome.


So the explorer broke into the church? Abandoned or not he broke the law.

SHE walked in. You did not read the article. (me thinks)

@Mooolah nope not yet.

@xenoview I knew it. 'Ya might not make a decision (ie comment) without seeing the evidence. (me thinks) And no points until you do. It is called "prejudging." =0}

@Mooolah I did read the article and I did not see that there was a debate over whether the "explorer" broke the law. I am confused by the comments. Apparently the person responsible for the building is in a lot of legal hot water, but not for having the cremains there. There was no law broken. He was not the one that cremated them, I guess he was just storing them and that is not against the law.

@MyTVC15 Sort of meandered off track.


I'd think their families would have retrieved them.

Perhaps these 89 had no familial me.

@Mooolah When I am done with my body you can chuck it in a shark tank or bear cage so much as I will care.

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Enjoy being online again!

Welcome to the community of good people who base their values on evidence and appreciate civil discourse - the social network you will enjoy.

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