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LINK Static Media Bias Chart - Ad Fontes Media

Media Bias Chart 9.0 – Static Version

Fascinating! Where does your favorite media fall?

HippieChick58 9 Jan 14

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Not very accurate, particularly on British publications. The Sun, for example, has the same owners as FOX News, and a similar political outlook, while the Daily Mail is far, far, more right wing.

JoeB Level 6 Jan 15, 2022

Too bad this chart doesn't show other types of dishonesty, like editing the way someone looks to make them appear unhinged. I know foxnews and cnn are guilty of this. In my opinion this chart gives too much credit to corporate news networks. If you have 24 hours of "news" everyday you are bound to tell truths. What matters is what are they dishonest about.

Tejas Level 7 Jan 14, 2022

Rachel Maddow


It's not bad as far as it goes, but no axis for colonial/western bias. I just read an article in the Guardian for example that might as well have been a press release from the White House/Pentagon.


My nest speaker plays me the latest news everyday from NPR, AP and BBC. If they're middle of the road how did I get so liberal?


Top green box. I also look up []


I've seen this before and appreciate it. If I remember correctly, they have to put out a couple of versions because not all the sites and be listed at the same time. I think they are wrong on Huffington Post. It is farther left.

This is the most recent version, apparently they've been putting it out for years.

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