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A critical issue that many don’t prioritize Sleep. []

JackPedigo 9 Jan 16

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Here's an article you might find interesting.


I love Open Culture exactly for things like this! Very interesting. I think I would find it more do-able than sleeping through the night, which I can't do anyway but try to achieve. I wonder if it was the precursor to siestas and naps?

Interesting, thank you.

@JackPedigo I use to do this when I lived in the quiet dark woods in Cle Elum. I'd sleep for about 4-5 hours. Wake up do some laundry/choirs, read, whatever for about 2+ hours then go back to sleep for about 3 hours.


I slept great until but there was a period shortly after I moved into this apartment complex where for over 18 months I was woke up in the middle of deep sleep by a woman smoking in her apartment - it is a NO smoking complex but some people refuse to follow the rules. It was not every night but enough to actually cause sort of a PTSD reaction because the smoke triggered asthma attacks. I did get her evicted (or my efforts did) but enough violent disruptions leave a mark. I moved to a different building even and was sleeping better but could not get my mind to shut off. The restorative sleep just was not happening. I finally resorted to an anti- anxiety medication. It worked- MUCH better sleep! I do not anticipate being on this for the long term as prior to the problem with the smoker I never had sleep issues.
The issue of not enough sleep is huge and this is a good article. If it takes some medical intervention one should try it - finding what works can take time. Over the counter, herbal and changing eating habits did not work for me, I tried all that first.

I had motor mind big time. The People's Pharmacy recommended lemon balm tea (make it from the balm fresh or dried) and it helped. What helped the most was to give myself a time for ruminating and that was in the morning before getting up. When the temptation comes I just remind myself there is a time for that. Often, when there is a problem we try to get rid of it. A better approach is to admit it is there and just find a way of controlling it. The worst time is having to get up to pee. Then it starts. I often start thinking of something other than something that will keep me awake (like funny jokes or your cute kitties from this site).

@JackPedigo I tried lemon balm but it can interfere with your thyroid function if you have an under active one - which I do and take medication for.
I even had picked up a start to grow my own fresh organically. It was a bit later I discovered the downside but like any mint it started to take over so I pulled it out.
Motor mind - good one. Since I've been on the anti-anxiety med (5 months) I can get up to pee and go right back to sleep no motor mind, it's just like I use to be. It's just one of the things that have improved so I know it is having a beneficial effect and the best part NO negative side effects.

What they got u on ? Some of those on low dose can work miracles . It makes me so angry that people don’t give a shit and do what they want regardless . Smoking and asthma attacks are not a joke 😑. This makes me mad . Fuck these people

@Pralina1 I am taking Sertaline 50 mg once a day. I started at 25 after 6 weeks it was working pretty good but the sleep and startle response thing (real jumpy with loud noises) were still a bit of a problem but the 50 ml really did the trick! Not sure if I need to go up to 75 or not.


@silverotter11 Yes, lemon balm is invasive. I fight it every year. Good info.


I agree with @DharmaBum50 that it's not always a question of prioritizing sleep. I've had problems sleeping for decades, even when practicing every possible aspect of sleep hygiene. When my brain hits a certain level of sleep, it wakes me up as suddenly as a slap to the face would, even though I'm exhausted.

I believe in many cases it's the lack of sleep that causes many health problems, not the reverse, and that it's key to my fibromyalgia and thyroid problems, but we're still very far away from understanding the brain adequately enough to deal with that.

This is what happen with alcohol. It puts one to sleep but when it wears off, Bam - wide awake. I found if I take a Tylenol or Ibuprofen just before bed it counters the affect of the alcohol wearing off.

@JackPedigo It seems there's always a trade-off to things that may work in a pinch. I gave up drinking for about four years and only do it rarely now. Although it's sometimes a last-ditch try when it hits the middle of the night with no relief in sight.

@JackPedigo that’s true .

@Lauren, @Pralina1 It seems this has become a major issue during the pandemic. That first winter was hell for me.


For me, it's not a question of prioritizing or not prioritizing sleep. I can prioritize it all I want, but I'm still wide awake in five hours or less (usually less). In fact, on this particularly bad night, I'm here typing this at 4 AM after not having been able to go to sleep at all. It's so fucking frustrating to be thoroughly exhausted but unable to sleep. Despite years and years of this insomnia, though, I still manage to function.


Poor sleep or lack of sleep will mess up a diabetic's blood sugar numbers every time, proof positive that quality & quality sleep has a direct effect on bodily workings.


Right now , I get 41/2 to 5 hrs in a good day . Five days a week . The six day I come home and collapse . I can sleep 12 hrs straight and more if not bladder call .
During the 5 days of minimum sleep , I don’t remember simple things some times .
Like my zip code on gas pump
Or a dose on a drug that use over and over
Or peoples names
Or driving and not knowing where I am for a good 30 seconds .
I truly believe that luck of sleep is doing damage .

It definitely sounds like it's doing damage. Can you say no to the long hours ever?

@Lorajay Not right now Lora . The break lasted less than 2 months , we are back to a shitstorm , not right now

That's what the talk hopes to address. I recently went through a strange experience in that I was sure I wasn't sleeping. But the night seemed much shorter than when I really was awake all night. Then I realized there were odd memories of a short dream now and then. I must have been on the edge of sleep and going back and forth during the night. Then realized there was some sleep and this actually gave me some relief. I do like the idea of lowering the lights for a period before bed. Aside from a clock radio there are no electronic devices in the room which is dark and cool.

I hope that changes this year. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—


Good article. I struggle to get enough sleep. Sometimes I just stay up too late, but frequently I just cannot fall asleep. It's very frustrating. I'm working on getting better sleep for the new year. I have blue blocker glasses, and I'm back to meditating before bedtime. I have already seen my RHR (resting heart rate) drop since I started meditating. I have the "just one more page" sydrome and just stay up too late. I'm working on it, and I've been working on it for years.......... I developed bad habit when my kids were growing up, I was a SAHM (stay at home mom) so after the kids went to school I could catch a nap. That doesn't work so good working 8 to 5.

I have found a couple of nights of poor sleep can create a vicious cycle. I once tried meditations beg=fore bed but it only made things worse.


. . . a very good read :


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