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I got Shingles shot #2 yesterday. It is recommended for all over 50. After #1 I had a sore arm for about 24 hours. This one, I feel like I got in a ring with Mike Tyson. I'm not a fighter, not with fists anyway. I lost big time. I ache all over, and have let my boss know I'm taking a sick day. I'm too old for this s--t.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 20

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Same thing happened to me. It will pass by tomorrow, take some Tylenol. Hugs!

It took about 3 days before I felt like I was recovered. Thank goodness I'm back up to speed now.


Silverotter is right. Side effects from the vaccine are minor compared to the disease. Every time we have a new baby in the family, I worry about that time when they get chickenpox. Yes, we have lots of idiot parents in this family. people who do not vaccinate their kids. Then I have to stay away from the little darlings because the chickenpox virus hits me like a ton of bricks. Good for you to do your thing.


It's worth it, though. Trust me on this...

I saw my grandmother suffer with shingles. I trust you 100% on this 🙂 I am thankful for modern medicine.


I hope you feel better soon.


I got mine several years ago. Don't remember any reaction.


I have had shingles in my late 30s, and believe me, you don't want shingles. I had the vaccines and didn't have a real problem with them.


None of my doctors were even mentioning a shingles vaccine to me. Even when the new one came out and I was 64 years old. It was about 6 or 8 months after the new one came out that I got shingles. I got on the anti-viral medication within the time frame for it to be effective but it was still quite painful. It actually erupted around my right eye but there was nerve tingling from the back of my head to the eyebrow on the right side of my face. This happened at Halloween - made a great horror mask without having to wear a mask. I did get the 2 shots once I was able to but the tingling sensation at the back of my head still comes and goes - much much less but stress does have an effect on when I notice it.


No problem with mine

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 20, 2022

The system posted this three times. I answered in one of your later posts but more than likely that will be deleted.

I only had a sore arm from the shingles shot both times. I'm lucky that I have never had but one vaccination cause me any great discomfort and it almost killed me. It was the emergency tetanus shot in the 1960s and it was changed because of the many bad reactions.

I hope you feel much better tomorrow or even better tonight.

I posted in 3 different groups.

@HippieChick58 I'm not smart enough to know this that or know how to do it.

@Lorajay I utilize copy/paste, and I also make some small changes to the posting or the system will flag it as a duplicate. I don't consider myself particularly computer smart, but I have learned a few tricks over the years.


Both of the shingles vaccines knocked me on my ass for about 24 hours (aches, chills, and more) . But MUCH MUCH better than getting the shingles!

Ohub Level 7 Jan 20, 2022

Ohhhh for darn sure. I remember my grandmother having shingles, it was not pretty, and it lasted much more than 48 hours. Thank medical science for modern medicine.


I had a similar reaction to the shingles shot.


Oh, joy--I'm fixing to get my shingles shots, too. Nice to know what I have to look forward to. 🙄 Ah well, hope your discomfort passes soon.

Trust me!!!!! the minor side effects are NOTHING compared to getting shingles. Do it like yesterday!!!

@silverotter11 Oh, I aim to, very soon. I'm not totally unprotected at the moment, since I got the zostavax shot a ways back when the more effective Shingrix was backordered for months. But yeah, I'm going to have to make sure I don't get shingles after hearing my brother's tales about it.

@DharmaBum50 my Costco always has a supplyreminde, just ask at the pharmacy counter. And they bill your insurance, if any, or it costs just $19 if you are a member. And they are Wonderful about making sure you get the 2nd shot at the proper intervsl....text & email reminders!

@AnneWimsey Thanks for thinking of me, but the closest Costco to me is 50 miles away in Lexington. I ended up getting my first Shingrix shot at the Walgreens down the hill not long after the original post here, and I've got the time for the next one marked down on my calendar.

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