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Unvaccinated man denied heart transplant by Boston hospital


xenoview 8 Jan 25

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This is not newsworthy as the medical community has always prioritized potential organ recipients by behavioral risk. Heavy drinkers are at the bottom of the list for a liver transplant and smokers are highly unlikely to receive a lung transplant. Refusing to be vaccinated in a deadly pandemic is a behavior that often results in death, plus the requirement to take immunosuppressants would seem to be factors in the decision.


""The organs are scarce, we are not going to distribute them to someone who has a poor chance of living..."



I hope some folks lose their medical license


The patient doesn't understand and doesn't appreciate science. You give healthy organs to people who are healthy and live healthy so as to maximize the best outcome. His refusal to take the vaccine is in itself enough to disqualify him from organ transplantation. They aren't going to give someone like that an organ to have them just throw it away because they don't believe in science.

So if you’re vaccinated and can still get and spread the virus, what is you’re reasoning for requiring it?
Those are the scientific facts after all. Over the past several months, more vaccinated have died than unvaccinated here.
What is your science?

@CourtJester Where is this happening (Alabama, the South or the US), and what is your data source?

@CourtJester you cannot spread a VACCINE.

And those dying are unvaccinated. Share your proof from a credible source, not your usual conspiracy bs sites.


@Larimar Virus. Edited. Gand I can’t share my hospital’s data on my own, but I’m seeing it every day.


Maybe they should give him one of those pig hearts. It would barely be and interspecies procedure.

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