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What'cha gonna eat?

If you were given to opportunity to eat just one type of food for the rest of your life in exchange for $1,000,000, would you do it and what would that food be?

WadeWilson 5 Apr 23

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Soup is my favorite form of food. Preferably without meat. I will happily eat it every day.


Oreo cookies and onion dip.



Chinese chicken salad? Chicken fajitas? Roasted chicken? Curry chicken? Tandoori? Chicken and dumplings?

What about if you had to choose a regional method of food preparation -- what would you choose?

@BlueWave All of the above sounds delish exept for the Chicken and Dumplings! My first answer would be fried, since I'm a Southerner. But if I had to eat fried food the rest of my life, my life woudn't be very long. So I will say baked.


Cow, because I grew up splitting my time between a dairy farm and a ranch in East Africa. Steak was far cheaper than pork. ...and top quality, since the cattle lived outdoors 100% of their time and grazed all day. None of Europe's artificial fodder and additives. Wouldn't mind a few vegetables with it, of course.


Yes, pizza.


I would go with whole foods, example are fresh veggies or fruits, nuts.


Yes, Organic food.


Good question. Can't come up with a good answer right off. This is a "two-piper"!


It would depend on how restrictive the food is. I love seafood, so I could live on various seafood meals forever and never eat red meat or chicken again. I love prawns, and as much as I love them, I could not go through life eating nothing else.


For sure, steak, steak and more stake. as long as we can prepare it anyway we want ?

You and I both. I grew up on farms in my earlier years. I could hand milk a cow by the time I was 5 and wander barefoot around the cattle herds all day - in utter contentment.

@Petter Ddid you also warm your feet in fresh cow pats during winter ?

@VAL3941 Being right on the equator, we had neither winter nor summer. But being 7 to 8 thousand feet above sea-level, and 400 miles inland, the night could be damned cold. At dawn (always 6am.) there would be frost on the ground, and I would walk barefooted across the grass, feeling it crackle beneath my toes. By midday it would usually be 26 degrees.


Are the tacos already paid for or do I have to buy them with the million?





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