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How to correct the map location?

I went to Browse, Members, and Map to find my location on the map. A red pin shows me in a different city not my own. I checked my info under Settings, “Where do you live" and I entered it correctly and with the correct zip code.

How can I get my location on your map corrected?

dare2dream 7 Feb 15

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Good question. Why does my phone show me weather with a "flood watch" in my area when it has not been raining?


. . . at the bottom of the 'map' page :

"This map shows up to 500 of most recent members at a time. You might have to zoom in a bit to see all of the members in your area. Clicking "Dating" shows only members who match gender and age settings. Clicking "Community Only" show members who are only looking for community (e.g., not dating). If you zoom in to street level, we randomly move pins around to protect privacy. "

Thanks. But my pin location is shown MILES away from the city I live in. They might as well put me in Nevada!


No idea. It may though not be just a problem with this site. The site may be using algorithms and servers from the outside to locate you, and they are far from infallible. Even the almighty Google and Microsoft have between them, decided that I live about a hundred miles from my actual location. Despite me trying to put them right.

It is thought by some that the power of digital media, via the net, to do things like locate you exactly, and know all about you, is some sort of threat, in my limited experience it is not much of a threat, because even the biggest and best of them are completely incompetent anyway.

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