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LINK Lawmaker on trial in Europe for religious views a 'cautionary tale' for the US, says lawyer | Fox News

I normally sm not a Fox News fan, but I found this to be interesting.

Reignmond 7 Feb 19

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With the Christian's banning books in the US, I'm not worried about limiting Christian hate-speech. Right now, that is the main problem. The Christian majority hasn't hesitated to ban and censor content they don't like, and kill those they deem problematic. Fascism is the immediate threat to everyone, everywhere.


This just looks like right-wing paranoia to me. The first amendment says nothing whatsoever about a private enterprise’s responsibilities toward free speech - only the government’s.

If the government has a legitimate interest it may be to keep private enterprise from becoming a monopoly in the first place. A great solution would be to launch a public utility to compete with those privately owned power centers, then the first amendment could apply.

skado Level 9 Feb 19, 2022

Due to spontaneous collusion in business, I am an advocate for government managed competition as a way to try to runaway business practices. A good example of such a business would be Medical insurance and Hospitals.


I read the enemy's news as well. Got to know what they are up to.

I love how these so called Christians love to quote the old testament even though they don't believe in it. These idiots will use anything to justify their hatred for others. They should be held accountable for their hate whether or not they justify it from a so called holy book. Hate is hate, their is no religious justification for it.

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