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LINK [COMMENTARY] We're Not Supposed to Pray For Putin, Franklin Graham

This tells you all you really need to know about these people.

As bad as Ray-Gun was in so many ways, he at least despised dictators.

He must be up to at least 15,000 rpms by now with what people in his party have become.
aka Spinning like a lathe

BufftonBeotch 8 Feb 19

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Raygun despised dictators unless they were his. Remember Raygun funneled illegal support for the to impose a dictator on Nicaruagua via the Contras & similar groups in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatamala. CIA trained & supported. It was the coup in Iran that deposed a CIA & British dictator the Shah. Marcos in Philippines. Oh he liked his dictators alright.

Imposing the Shah upon Iran was long before Ray Gun.
But the entire arms trade and drug lord support and funneling crack to fund an illegal war was under his time in office. I am just not sure how much awareness he had of what was going on.
The tentacles of corruption and power placed an easily manipulated man to that position.


Because Putin is Trump's friend, but Biden and Ukraine aren't. Those treacherous Ukrainians wouldn't even lie to get him reelected! their credit.

@mischl Yes, hopefully my sarcasm came through.

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