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Who out there makes music ? What kinds ?

Play any instruments ? Or sing ?

Me : I've sung classical choral music for many years, with different groups. Sing alone with guitar , or harmonize with others - usually folk, ballads. Also play Bodhran (frame drum), bagpipes, and washboard.

evergreen 8 Dec 3

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I've always been a singer. I play just enough guitar to accompany myself.

Duke Level 8 Dec 19, 2017

I enjoyed your video - nice voice, and guitar beyond mere accompanying !

@evergreen Thank you! blushes

You're welcome - just callin' it like I sees it !

@evergreen You're a dear. <3


I've been playing guitar since a teenager. On again/ off again. No discipline. Always re-booting....until about 3 years ago. Now it's what I do in my spare time , all the time.
Almost 100% Martin acoustic. My electrics are silenced. Taking lessons again even.
Folk rock, folk, coal mining songs, ballads, Beatles/ Floyd Classic Rock. One hit wonders. Hard to categorize or join a band! I'v e been singing a lot .....Lyrics are harder than Chords!
Getting an Irish Bouzouki this weekend. Looking forward to it

twill Level 7 Dec 12, 2017

I used to play guitar, mostly blues, folk, and rock. Then I had a stroke which messed up my left hand. So I started playing bass and play in a folk-rock band currently.

good for you, to keep the music goin' !


I play punk rock guitar, and have for around 25 years. I've been in what seems like a million bands, none of which ever recorded anything.

d_day Level 7 Dec 9, 2017

I'm 62 and would consider myself an intermediate guitar player. Completely self taught (with the help of youtube), only acoustic and finally got over my stage freight and have done 3 open mics since mid October and plan to do another this Sunday. Wish me luck.


I'd love to hear some of your stuff Evergreen


I play neoclassical metal on guitar and classical music on piano. I also compose music using Pro Tools and Garritan's sounds. I have written over 20 songs and you can listen to them here:

That is a link to my "Finished Compositions" playlist on YouTube. Enjoy!!!


I saw something about a particular sect of nomads in Mongolia I think but don't quote me. They can sing two notes at the same time. It is every bit as difficult as the TV guide said it was. Only a handful of men can do it. Women probably think it's a waste of time.

Its called throat singing. Check out Huun Huur Tu . Also, I read that Joan Osborne ( What If God Was One Of Us) can throat sing.


Bass guitar, but it's been a while. I'm sure I could pick it back up quickly though.


I can sing and used to play flute and sax by ear. THe instruments were a long time ago and I can't claim special skill with them


I currently play bass in a blues/rock band just for fun... we're a bunch of old guys that gather once a week for a meal and socializing. One member makes the meal, I donate a growler of homebrew, and another shares his (ahem) devil's cabbage. It's right next door, so I can just stumble home...

Through the decades I've primarily been an acoustic guitar player that likes folky stuff, some light jazz and pop, did a couple stints touring full time, barely eking out a living. Fun times though.


punk rock here....played in a bazillion bans up until a decade or so ago....burned out on the scene...was always the singer/lyricist/noise and trouble maker.

uh oh, my punk rock is showing...hehe


Biblical comment: In the beginning ... I made my living as a folksinger and songwriter for a few years, but several run ins with rotten agents and a few others ended that. My dad was a fairly successful songwriter, copywriter, and advertising guru in Hollywood, and we worked together a lot.

My day job in my early years was as a Technical Illustrator and Writer, so I had plenty of time to pursue the music. I played guitar (six and twelve string), banjo, dulcimer, flute, and tenor sax. I still compose music, but just for the fun of it. I don't play any instruments now (unable to) and I sorely miss making my own music.

in the beginning... was that when men were men and giants walked the earth?

You bet, @btroje. That was a time when we was all jus' out thar a'havin' a grand ol' time. We was a'slayin' them thar giants lef' an' raht whilst rahdin' them thar TEEEErexus. Them's was whoopin' good tahms, when men was men an' womans was womans what knowed how to stay in their place. Wahl, up until that one uppity woman -- don' 'member her name -- done grabbed one o' them fruity thangs offen that thar special tree an' screwed up everthang.


Sang in the church choir and played in a rock&roll band a few centuries back, but not much recently.

skado Level 9 Dec 4, 2017

Love making music with others. Play bass in a celtic band that has an open irish session every Sunday afternoon. Play banjo with a group on Friday, that has 2 fiddles, guitar, and cello. Also play with another group on Monday that plays at a rehab. nursing home - mostly sing along music, like the Beetles, John Denver, Paul Simon, Willy Nelson, etc. The first band does play celtic music, Irish, Scottish, Welch, but also some Folk songs, Texas swing, old-timey, bluegrass etc. At home play the tenor banjo every day, mostly irish tunes, and the mandolin. Also play rhythm guitar. Way back in High School, played the French horn in the band. Am learning to play the Euphonium. Have a low D whistle for the next project. Have sung bass in a choir, but not currently. Am retired and making music is very important to me.

Beatles ... (smile)

Wow you play a lot of instruments. I always thought I would learn other instruments but recently accepted the fact that no matter how much I improve on the guitar I will never be satisfied. I believe that mastery of the guitar is impossible for me. There will always be something more to learn. I find that very comforting for some reason.

Casey - I play at a level that is usually acceptable for jams. Certainly not a great player. I consider the guitar as probably the most difficult, with 6 strings and chords spread across them. Bass, play a note at a time, and banjo and mandolin are "4 strings". In our celtic band, bass is the rhythm instrument, as we don't had a drum or hand drum player.
We probably have out sights set for different levels, and at 75 just happy to be playing and learning a little more.


Played guitar in rock bands when I was young. Just came out of retirement recently. Playing guitar and singing to pay the bills while I finish school

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