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LINK Oliver Milman says 'The Insect Crisis' is bad news for humans, too : Goats and Soda : NPR

(With weather pattern changes, due to climate change, I expected there will be famines in out future. Now seeing that pollenating insects are on the decline, it is pretty much a sure thing.)

Habitat loss, pesticides and climate change are threatening insect populations worldwide. In 2019, Biological Conservation reported that 40% of all insects species are declining globally and that a third of them are endangered.

And while it may sound nice to live in a world with fewer roaches, environmental writer Oliver Milman says that human beings would be in big trouble without insects. That's because insects play critical roles in pollinating plants we eat, breaking down waste in forest soil and forming the base of a food chain that other, larger animals — including humans — rely upon.

snytiger6 9 Feb 25

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I might have to stop eating them ...too

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