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Time for a reality check.

About a week ago I was complaining about the weather. I feel so ashamed today. In the first place we should be grateful we have any kind of somewhat normal weather pattern left to complain about. And in the second place, I have lived a very full life. I’ve met so many beautiful people and always felt as though I belonged somewhere. I have felt loved and wanted and I’ve been able to love others. Money has never been a problem and I have had the same friends for more than 50 years.

I honestly shed tears as I write this. I know I’m a joker and I will always find a way to laugh and enjoy life but it’s getting to be too much. In the words of A song that speaks of love, “The More I see, the less I know.”

If we are going to be this age, watching the horror of more unnecessary war, our Earth die a slow and painful death and people struggling just to eat….

Say what you want, speak as you are, be as you be. These things are petty now. What really matters in the future is how you make others feel.

Sookiesue 6 Feb 26

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Unfortunately it's a harsh reality in Europe with Putin

bobwjr Level 10 Feb 27, 2022

May he be ended.


Yes, you are not alone in any of that.


And in many parts of the world people do not know their own let alone their children's blood types.

It’s crazy!

@Sookiesue that people do not know?

@FrayedBear to me, it’s crazy to have to know.

@Sookiesue I should but optimistically hope that I never need transfusion despite numerous attempts to deprive me of life together with my motoring.


I understand less and less each day why people think I'm the crazy one for wanting to die. This world and inhabitants are fucking awful.

I think, given this humanity, we are the keepers and can’t give up.We need all on board! 🤗

@Sookiesue It's bigger than us. The powers that be are allowing the world to spiral further and further into evil. Hell, near half the country probably doesn't see right from wrong in this case.

@JeffMurray You are right and it’s very sad. When life as we know it ends, we will be there to take care of each other. Hang in there.


As I wrote on FB:

Let me make this clear: If you are a friend of Putin and his buds, then you ain't no friend of mine.

My dear sister pointed out to me today that my problems are momentary and though she didn't outright say it, they are trivial.

She is not always right, but she was right about this.

I have a job, a house, two vehicles, and I am sitting in a warm house without having to worry about how I will pay the utility bill. In a few minutes, I am going to eat some ice cream.

My country might be under siege in some ways, but I won't have soldiers shooting at me tonight.

I almost feel guilty!

@Sookiesue I feel guilty when I start thinking about what I could do to help the misery in the world, but feel that it is so overwhelming, I do nothing of importance. Sigh.

@Gwendolyn2018 Same….


What a lovely sentiment. I’m going to share this with those who claim to care about what moves me.


They were probably taught by refugees and what caused that people movement again?
War is bad, equally bad for all whether European or not..
If it makes people feel better, they can think of them as collateral damage. Worked fine in the past.

puff Level 7 Feb 26, 2022

I honestly don’t even know what you mean by the refugee reference.

@Sookiesue Europe has a lot of undocumented people from Africa and the ME as refugees. This occurred a few years back when NATO enforced a no-fly zone over Libyan airspace, allowing a mass migration as Libyan border controls were non existent. Recent past, maybe still ongoing, had open air slave markets in that now failed state, previously the richest country in Africa. The 2 bad boys, Russia and China, had nothing to do with the destruction of Libya. It was 100% NATO.
Just being dark and sarcastic ie who cried for those children back then and sanctioned the aggressors?
Governments are getting more authoritarian everywhere worldwide; fascist, communist doesn't really matter. The people suffer both ways.

I read this lovely post as having nothing at all to do with politics or, even, specific events. It is a call for us to note that such sorrow implores us to be mindful of kindness, respect, and self realization. Politics seems almost vulgar in this regard.

@rainmanjr agreed.

@puff you have no idea who cried for those refugees, do you? Reel in the red herring.

@Gwendolyn2018 Never saw that many, if any, posts like this for 7 kids killed in Kabul.
I agree with @rainmanjr , but self realisation is lacking in many in what is condemned and what is ignored.

Sorry for being dark, but the world is so full of shit.

@puff It is full of shit. My comments are likely to reflect that more and more but I don't see the same darkness. To everything there is a season and darkness turns to light (which then begins to run dim and burn out) so the thing to focus on is impermanence. The key is to stop looking for what's important to learn from events. For me, the thing to learn is that we don't need it. Detach and importance of shit goes away.

@puff I remember Kabul and again, you have no idea how many tears were shed for those children. I also remember dumb-assed Trump making a comment about how the pictures of dead children bothered him so much. Bullshit; he didn't cry.

Yeats wrote, "For the world's more full of weeping than he can understand"; perhaps there is more weeping and sorrow than you will ever know. Don't "pride" yourself in knowing more than anyone else of the darkness of the world.

@puff I feel your frustration. I wish I could make it all go away.

@Gwendolyn2018 Beautiful sentiment. You are right. We are all hurting. Surely everyone must know this?

@Sookiesue I am not sure that some people are hurting. Those, like Trump, who support the invasion of Ukraine do not seem to care about the innocent lives being lost. 😟

@Gwendolyn2018 😢 shame on humanity for giving them a chance to live when they care not about others. They should never have been born. 😢

@Sookiesue ya know, it is such a simple concept: care for each other, don't be greedy, and let people live as they see fit as long as they cause no harm. Wars are useless endeavors--Rome conquered the known world, but in 2022, what did it get them?

What is so hard to understand???

@Gwendolyn2018 no idea.😕😛

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