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Chris Hedges acknowledges the Russian invasion is a war crime, but also provides much needed context.


We live in interesting times.


"FACEBOOK WILL TEMPORARILY allow its billions of users to praise the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi military unit previously banned from being freely discussed under the company’s Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, The Intercept has learned."



@Rainmanjr removed his comments or blocked me?

Blocked me.

@FrayedBear I was also blocked on another topic and my comments removed. I said the BRICs are not getting involved. In order that's Brazil, Russia, India, China and S Africa. We have vested economic interests to support each other fairly and openly. Hence haven't signed the US resolution. We are in any event crippled by the powers who wants us to sign it.


So much finger wagging.


The wholesale ignoring and minimizing of Russian criminal behavior makes this a thoroughly biased presentation. (A complete whitewashing and gross historical revisionism). As long as Putin's stooge was in charge, Putin didn't have a problem. It was only when the stooge was pushed out that Putin sought to retake Ukraine by force, albeit in pieces.

A kleptocratic thugocracy is totally comparable to western democracy (not).


I don't care if it is the West's fault. The West didn't just invade it. Ukrainians (and those around Ukraine) seem to object and they have that right. Russian life is regressive to a so-called free one (I'm guessing). Unless he uses a nuke, and maybe especially if he does, then he is unlikely to stop resistance. If his Army kills a NATO country civilian, in Ukraine, that might even provoke a NATO reaction. Biting into bitter dreams is a problem for Dictators. They often fall if they don't spit it out.

That's funny. Did you object to the US led invasions of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, et al?

@FrayedBear Yes I did, actually (for those of after Korea). The last two very loudly and publicly. We lost all of those and this is Russia. As Vlad reminds us, he's got nukes, too, and Ukraine isn't officially part of NATO.

@rainmanjr how did you go on the rest of the list of US offences recently Twittered by a Chinese Ambassadorial staff:

@rainmanjr @FrayedBear
...and when the West (UK, USA and EU) colonised Africa for all its minerals and resources? They own most of it. ...and USA and UK in bed with Apartheid Criminals because of their concerns here ie platinum, gold and the list goes on....and turned a blind eye to human suffering.


@TimeOutForMe We can serve the past up for dinner and choke on it or shove it to the side and simply look to do better. As a Taoist I visit the past and future as little as possible.

@rainmanjr it's still the present in the case of South Africa and Africa.

@TimeOutForMe True. I was still referring to Ukraine. d$A has always only cared about dominating and exploiting every land mass on Earth, including N. America. We are just as pathetic a people as all others but I no longer care about individuals or the nations they inhabit. It's all one big Crying Game without end. Now that I have a full, scientific, explanation for what this is all about I realize the specifics of our species and planet do not matter. In fact, I look forward to leaving it all the more. My point about time is that we can't litigate the past so all humans should start working on our present but it won't matter. We are likely a dead species.


"View the past as your enemy, and it will be an albatross.

View it as your friend, and it will give you wings."

-- Alan Cohen

@WilliamCharles Don't view it at all and you are free to live this day.

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