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Tucker Carlson’s pro-Kremlin commentary over the last few months was heard by millions, as his top-rated show was so friendly to Russian President Vladimir Putin that top Kremlin mouthpieces on Russian state TV wanted Carlson to interview their president.

The Fox News host ended up backpedaling on a number of his talking points following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last month — but not without laying blame elsewhere.

“We’ve been taken by surprise by the whole thing,” Carlson said of the ongoing conflict, using the royal we to refer to his commentary that has been used in Russian propaganda. “We are not the only ones who were, but we are willing to admit it.”

(Carlson has no sense of personal responsibility for his own actions. Biden said many times that Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine, but Carlson when blithely by praising Putin and Russia.)

snytiger6 9 Mar 4

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Tucker is a dirt ball. He would find himself much appreciated in Russia where he could spend even more time trying to destroy truth and freedom.

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