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LINK Mark Hamill Mocks Right-Wing Commentator With A Scathing Guessing Game | HuffPost Entertainment

“Star Wars” star Mark Hamill blasted some sass at right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro after he got riled up over a tweet consisting of a rainbow emoji and the word “gay” 69 times.

Shapiro took issue with Hamill’s tweet, which came in response to the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill passed by Florida Republicans this week. The legislation will forbid instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

Hamill was jumping aboard a hashtag to SayGayAnyway as opponents of the anti-LGBTQ legislation rally in Florida to persuade Gov. Ron DeSantis 🌈 to veto it.

snytiger6 9 Mar 11

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bobwjr Level 10 Mar 11, 2022

Oh brother. Ben Shapiro's "indoctrinate children..." comment when religion has been doing more indoctrinating of children than any other entity on the planet!! 🙄🙄


Shapiro is just another self-hating Jew neo-Nazi.

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