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Do you pray? Do you yearn for spirit-based community?

This question is in my bio too, because it's why I just joined!

Do you pray? Do you yearn for spirit-based community?
I was raised Catholic and also have North American indigenous heritage, so I've participated at times in both spiritualities. Personally, when it comes to spirituality I think there are many ways of knowing around the world but I also believe humans in general know/understand very of the universe and creation. But I miss the feeling of prayer and spiritual community that comes with believing in something, and believing it with others who share that belief. Do any of you ever pray - maybe to your inner self, the universe, or any lingering sense of karma or fate? Do you yearn for a sense of community with others based on ideals or spirituality?

Edit: to clarify for those who mind one way or the other, I am no longer a practicing member of any faith, and I don't believe in any god(s) or pray in the Christian sense of the word. I am not judgemental of those who do, though (so long as they are kind people who don't try to control others). Please see my response post if you'd like more info on my perspective 🙂.

DarkMatter 4 Mar 21

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Everyone has hopes and desires - for themselves, loved ones, and others. However they may express them, I doubt many would describe them as prayer. We may talk with ourselves, perhaps pondering some event or something that was newly learned or realized. Again, I doubt it was be called a prayer. I also doubt that anyone here expects a magical result from any of these ponderings. It may help clear one's head or may help access whatever subconscience workings that help solve a problem. But prayer? I rather doubt it.


Firstly, what is prayer if not nothing but either mumbling in to your hands, to the ceiling or, IF a Muslim, rocking back and forth on ones bended legs and knees mumbling the same, and very often, similar mystic Arcane and Archaic incantations just in case the non-existent, never existed Magical, Mystical Supreme Entity HAPPENS to be listen with EARS that also never have existed.
Now, secondly, WHAT is a religion and a Religious Community?
Well, speaking here as a Psychologist and a person who has studies long and hard to EARN a ThD ( Doctorate in Theology and Comparative Modern Religions) for your enlightenment, Religion and this so-called Religious Community is nothing more than a FARCE, A Sham, etc, etc, created SOLELY to do 3 main objectives of the many and numerous others as well,

  1. to keep the Common peoples, aka Sheeples, in line and obedient,
  2. to provide employment, not hard graft type employment btw, but Pseudo-employment to those who realize full well they are by no means either suited, capable or have the real intellect needed to gain ACTUAL employment in the REAL world, hence they have the " Go To position" available of becoming Ministers, etc, of Religion, and, last but by no means least,
  3. the Scam-artist waiting in wings, the one whose tongue is so glib and slick that he/she could see ice to Eskimos in a raging blizzard, they are ones who seize so quickly and readily upon the opportunities that religions and religious offer up and set about CREATING for themselves the new persona of an Evangelist Minister, etc, etc, and in doing so, take the Religious Art of Fleecing the Sheeple to a WHOLE new level.
    I could continue on from here until the cows come home, BUT, instead I shall leave it here, open and ready for your responses , etc, etc.

Spirituality can be anything you want it to be. Many ways of knowing what? IDK. What? Ah yes. Close your eyes and bow your head and start talking to yourself. For what?


No, I never prayed. I'm an atheist.

Never believed in an invisible being that resides somewhere beyond the clouds.


Commune with nature. Nature won't lie to your face. After researching their use, and finding someone to guide you, try psychedelics (start low, go slow).


I'd much prefer a hot bowl of Split Priest Soup, with Jeezus Trumpy crackers!


No pray but meditation about my day

That counts as prayer in the sense I meant it 🙂. What do you do to meditate about your day, if you don't mind me asking?

I've started a similar practice recently - I use 5-senses grounding techniques to feel more present in my day, and I write down all the things swirling in my head so that I can prioritize and put some on the backburner (or pray or meditate on them, as some might say).

@DarkMatter , praying is begging to the sky wizard. When I meditate is about setting goals that I want to accomplish for the day.

@Cecilia2018 I'm pretty sure that's not the dictionary definition of prayer, but okay!


I don't miss believing in something and sharing that with others. I'm not a fan of belief nor am I into the social aspect of it. Belief for me was nothing more than wishful thinking based upon ignorance. There is nothing about religion I miss.


Fuck no!!!! Thanks for asking though. 🙂


No, of course not.


No. We're atheists.


No. But thanks for your concern.


I never pray, I don't yearn for mystical beliefs.


It's deep, dark and matters.

Search for your epistemological and ontological truths.

Yes, epistemology is exactly the point of this post - I suggest reading my main response if you're assuming I'm addicted to religious prayer.


Nope not at all, and not interested either.

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