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Citibank is making some very progressive moves lately:


TheoryNumber3 8 Mar 28

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Very innovative

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 28, 2022

Given the costs to the company of having a child vs getting an abortion, it's just a good business decision.


Texan law sounds like a good moral stance against murder by narcissists who should have kept their knees together.
I've been told that those who fall pregnant should be thankful that they are not one of the ever increasing number of women who are now infertile in western countries.
An interesting phenomenon that many now speculate will lead to their extinction within 500 years - that's if America, Russia, Britain and China don't nuke humanity out of existance in the next few months.

I'll listen to your opinion when you grow a uterus.


Back in the late 70's such benefits were limited to mortgage slavery and ensuring that Citibank could not be sued for unsafe working conditions.
I still remember however their policy of charging 29.5% mortgage interest to railway fettlers in far north Queensland because they were blue collar workers, everyone knew where FNQ was but most chose not to go there and no one else would lend to them so let's keep the belief going that they are high risk borrowers despite having well paid lifetime employment.


Loud and bold move. I’m surprised.

Shocked the hell outa me!!

@TheoryNumber3 I’m doubtful they’re sincerely concerned about their employees health options, but we have to at least recognize it as an up yours to Abbott.

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