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LINK Trump Tells Member Of Gays For Trump At Mar-a-Lago: 'You Don't Look Gay'

"Ya can't make this stuff up. He doesn't look sane. There is something wrong with him. He can't control his mouth. Sort of like me. (I am working on that. He isn't).

Mooolah 8 Apr 3

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Log Cabin Republicans who fear that abortion will eliminate anomalies (homosexuality) thru fetal cell testing. This is happening with Down's Syndrome, Tay Sachs, , cystic fibrosis & other detectable genetic diseases. Passing defects onto posterity is not a noble decision. But government does not belong in the religious concept of souls in zygots. So gay supporters of You-Know-Who are out there.


There are gay people in this world who are ardent right wing Christian extremists who claim that when the bible insists that gay people be stoned to death, it does not mean that gay people should be stoned to death, it means something completely different. (but don't ask what)
During World War 2 there were German Jews who signed up to the Nazi party and served throughout the war loyal to Hitler, because when Der Fuhrer said all Jews must die to end the Jewish problem he did not mean all Jews must die to end the Jewish problem, he meant something completely different. (but don't ask what)

The level of cognitive dissonance among deluded humans defies explanation, logic and reason, such behaviour stems from stubbornness, foolishness but mostly from fear, abject fear of the future and of other people.


How the fuck are gay people Trump supporters?


and they all laughed and loved it. Fucking twits!

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