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Does it offend you when others talk about cooking meat?

I hope not to offend those that eat only vegetables. I cook everything that is etable. Grill and smoke it too. Just like a fronteersman. I will stop talking About it if it bothers a lot of you. I respect that.

BucketlistBob 8 Dec 4

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Not at all. I'd prefer they actually be cooking meat though. Just taking about it might make me hungry.


Either something got left out of my comment or I replied to a similar question so I will try again.
A number of years ago my sister came for a visit. She asked if she could cook some chicken and we said it was OK. We were at work and when we returned and walked into the kitchen we looked at each other and asked "what is that smell?" It dawned on me that burning flesh is just that no matter the flesh that is cooking - animal or human (human meat is often compared to pork). I theorize that when something is food our brain makes it good especially if we have been exposed for a while. If it is human, which we are not exposed, it is bad. This may seem weird but how does this affect people forced to become cannibals to survive? Certainly there must be a study (Victoria).
Guest can bring/consume meat into the house but not cook it (our island is noted for it's potlucks and meat dishes are often brought into the house) For that they can use the cooker on the deck.
An addition to my previous comment is that we vegetarians sometimes feel we are the atheists in a Southern Baptist convention. Food choices do matter, a lot. We all, myself included, defend our choices sometimes myopically. When the emotion of pleasure (eating is about sensuality) enters the picture our view becomes entrenched. This is where critical thinking is critical.

Sorry for the repeat question. I respect your answer. What's really sad is that i feel like i would suffer without cooked meat. I guess it's a culture thing and how i was raised. You going to be alright when we talk about cooking meats?

@BucketlistBob It's only talk and I just wanted to chime in with another side. Dialogue can help us learn and grow. I was raised in Texas. We even had lamb, which as taboo in cow country. I cooked a lot of leg of lamb with garlic and mint sauce and my Swedish pot roast was delicious.


Doesn't bother me at all when people talk about cooking meat, unless they talk about overcooking it. That's when I get violent.



I've been mostly vegetarian for almost 2 years and my two roommates eat meat with almost every meal. It doesn't bother me, and if I'm already in the kitchen and they are getting ready to eat I'll throw a steak or a burger on with whatever I'm making, I just make sure that their stuff doesn't mix with mine. I actually really love the smell of a good steak on the grill (the only thing I can't stand the smell of anymore is bacon, it actually makes my stomach hurt).

It sounds like you really enjoy a well prepared meal that includes meat so I wouldn't stop talking about it (especially if you have some good pointers for people who do eat meat) just to please someone with a self imposed dietary restriction.



What does bother me is the general disconnect most folks have about how exactly their meat gets to their food store. A whole lot of suffering is endured by so many, for the sake of a few bites of flesh. Factory farming is Auschwitz for animals.

Bon appetite !



I work with meat and I eat it.

Alrighty... me too.

Awesome. I just ate hamburger. Yummy! 😉


No it does not bother me


What makes you think we're all vegans/vegetarians? I like seafood over meat when it is fresh and available.

I don't... Some people are very vocal about what they call eating flesh... yeah! Flesh. Hmmm... I was knock over hearing that word. They call carrots, roots. And lettuce, leaves. Yeah, I've been clobbered before.


Humans are omnivores. It is not healthy to eat meat daily, but as animals, humans are, in part, meat eaters. Those who choose not to eat meat shoudl not be offended by those who do.

When I had leukemia, i ate vegetarian for a few years, mostly for better health. It made it very hard when I visited people who ate meat, as they felt they had to make something special just for me. After I recovered from leukemia, I reverted to meat eating, mostly because doing so did nto inconvenience others.

What type of leukemia did you have? I had AML. In remission 4 years .since transplant

I had CML with the "Philadelphia gene." Been off the midcation about two and a half years, after about three years of no signs of leukemia. The longer I stayed on the medication, the less likely it wold come back. I stayed on it about as long as I could stand the cumulative side effects. The medication (Tasigna) seems to have cured me, no transplant required. for me.


I was a vegetarian for many years, and I never got offended by those who ate meat. I simply feel better when I include variety in my diet, and I would hope people would respect that.

You are considerate, Bob. 🙂

Aww ... thank you. I try to be all the time.


Since I have a meat allergy basically Pig and Cow meat. I am limited in what I eat. I do get asked the question all the time with "Do you mind if I order a burger?" As long as I am not forced to take a bite then we are good.

MoniB Level 6 Dec 4, 2017

doesn't bother me. I think even if I did not eat meat I should be able to hear that discussion as long is it wasn't prepping me to eat it

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