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Putin's murderous rabble was let loose on Bucha.

Putin should be ...

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anglophone 8 Apr 6

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Having been found guilty of war crimes by the ICC in The Haige, poison him with polonium 210, as he has done to so many others.


I really think that the U.S president could have SEAL team 6 pay him a visit


Other: he should have explosive charges attached to his legs and discharged to blow his lower legs off. Then his upper legs. After that his arms. Then left to bleed to death.


His fate should be left to the international courts. The rest of the world should not be dragged down to his level, that would be giving him and the fascists like him a moral victory. Given that he is such an megalomaniac, just losing power and being treated like a common criminal would be totally destructive to his ego anyway.

As it happens though his fate will probably be decided by those who, if they can, overthrow him. And the Russians are not usually kind to failed leaders.


These Steps :

  • waterboarding
  • firing squad Execution with EMPTY bullets ( in public )
  • hanging and cutting the rope at the last moment ( in public )
  • worst humiliation in public for the rest of his life

We have to keep this Low-life alive, death is just a sweet mercy.

Diaco Level 7 Apr 6, 2022

What happened to drawing and quartering. It's amazing that people like Putin (and tRump) can bring out the worst in people.

Yes, Putin has brought out the worst in me, and I have no trouble admitting that. Hanging, drawing and quartering is rather too quick in comparison to what I would like Putin to endure before he is finally allowed to die.

@anglophone Who says it has to quick!! However, there is still a good spark in many of us. I remember watching Saddam being hung and felt a twinge of pity.

@JackPedigo Perhaps I have read too many accounts of hanging, drawing and quartering at London's Charing Cross.


I think some sort of special torture would be appropriate. Controlled non-fatal bone cancer? Induced severe arthritis? Yeah, cleaner to just kill him, but many thousands of families of those dead from his greed are sure to want more.


Leave it to the families of the victims. I’m sure it won’t be pleasant.


Can we drown then hang then shoot the bastard?

You could always go for one of Hitler's options: repeatedly hang until unconscious, then drop and revive. It was not done properly at the time, but I could see it continuing for days or even weeks in the right hands.


I would actually like all of the above

Sorry, you can only kill him once. 😉

@anglophone Such a shame! 🙂

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