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LINK Russia's fallen soldiers left behind as death toll mounts, families grieve - The Washington Post

Russia may have already suffered more dead in a month than during the entire 10 years of their war in Afghanistan.

Paul4747 8 Apr 9

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At least one Russian piece of filth uploaded a video where he was raping a toddler.


All because of the Madman in the Kremlin. 😟


I wish the media stopped saying Russian invasion of Ukraine or war between Russia and Ukraine. It is Putin's invasion of Ukraine. It's the madman's war. There are indigenous Russians who are against the invasion of Ukraine; many Ukrainians have friends and families in Russian and vice versa - they are absolutely torn apart; there are many Russians living elsewhere but their homeland who are against the invasion (they have been against Putin and his government but if they remained in Russia, they would've been silenced); and isn't it right that a few Russian generals have been killed by their own soldiers? It's not like one nation against another. Send assassins!

Ryo1 Level 8 Apr 9, 2022

But it is Russians who are doing the actual invading, and Russian troops who've been killing civilians. Politicians can order all they like, but without a military willing to carry out those orders, they won't get their way.

@Paul4747 If you are a service man/woman, your willingness to or not to do anything doesn't count. They are to obey orders. Russian troops have been brainwashed, too.

@Ryo1 Hopefully, there will be a tipping point soon. At least they had orders to obey, unlike those cowardly enablers of a certain wanna-be dictator POS we all know and hate.

@JackPedigo There are so many nuances I can't know or understand to form firm opinions. It's complicated! But one thing for sure is that Russians are led by a former KGB officer. Lies were a powerrful tool of the KGB during the Soviet era. Lies were only condemned if they didn't work.

@Ryo1 I wasa soldier, and one of the lines you don't cross is killing civilians. If you're a decent and honorable person anyway. An illegal order is no order at all.

@Ryo1 Unfortunately, lies are still a powerful tool an, many in our country are trying to learn from Putin and the KGB tactics.

@Paul4747 Yes but they are not soldiers, most of them are half trained kids, and they are told, that they are not engaged in a war, but a policing action to hunt down fascists and NATO agents in the Ukraine. And when they don't find any, because there are not hardly any, and those very few that there may have been, would have gone to ground at the first sign of the Russians, and the kids would not know how to tell the difference anyway, they still have to fill their quota, to prove to those in charge that they have killed or captured the expected numbers of fascists. So to make up the numbers, they just grab anybody, shoot them and then say. "That's a fascist/NATO agent/spy."

Novichuk is the stuff!


Typical of warfare.
Countless lives lost over the lies and ambitions of one deranged lunatic.


Putin’s has been fillings these kids/soldiers heads with Nazi stories about Ukraine for years. They thought they would be liberating a grateful population, if the population isn’t grateful then they must be fascists. I’m not absolving them of guilt, but it just makes me sick that all of this suffering on both sides is only to serve Putin’s ambition.


Of course if it ever comes out in Russia, Putin will point to the death toll and say. " You see the Ukrainians could not have done that. It is plainly the work of western fascist armies who were there to crush the Ukraine."


The stray animals need something to eat.

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