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POLL Researchers paid Fox viewers to watch CNN. Hear what happened - YouTube

Viewers choose their manipulative media source. Take the poll before watching and let's see how close the guess work is.

Did viewers choose...

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rainmanjr 8 Apr 10

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. . . a shining example of confirmation bias.
. . . no doubt it would be no different if CNN viewers were paid to watch FOX 😛

I don't doubt it but I watch MSNBC and BBC because CNN is barely news. Cooper kept bringing on that cunt Christian Theocrat, who was once called a terrible thing by Dan Savage, but I forget his name. I still don't watch Cooper b/c of it. We all know what a joke Wolf is compared to any Anchor on MSNBC. I hope the new guy saves the channel but Fox is winning. This is a sad nation.

Rick Santorum. I was happier not remembering it.

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