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It is human nature to follow the path of least resistance, the easiest path. It is human nature to believe what one would like to be true, as opposed to any evidence to the contrary . . . . As an Agnostic, if I have anything that I get comfort from, it is in the knowing that I face the world head on, as much as possible, I do not allow myself the luxury of believing what I would like to believe, as opposed to what I experience directly . . . . truth, in the cosmological, philosophical or even humanitarian sense, is not something easily come upon, it does not come from ONE book, ONE moment in time, and it is only approached . . . . never complete or written in stone . . . or possessed by one being exclusively . . . . if there is a beauty about truth, it is precisely that.

Archeus_Lore 7 Apr 11

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I have found that in this life, most people would prefer to follow the other lemmings for a sense of belonging and gleefully run off a cliff. (yes, I know, Disney)
As for me, I prefer the road less traveled, the people you meet along the way are much more interesting and it's not as if any of us are getting out of this life, alive.


To search without never really finding, to learn a fact that yields more questions, to reassess and reevaluate conclusions, to remain uncomfortable with unanswered questions, that is the true state of the inquisitive and unsatisfied individual.

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