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The bunny in Australia is a feral introduced species. Accordingly many do not recommend it for easter. Why?

CSIRO have released this statement -


FrayedBear 9 Apr 17

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In my area relatives like my grandparents ate rabbit often. Sometimes it is the food that you have when nothing else is available. I have eaten rabbit but I would not be buying it if it was sold in stores and I would not be hunting it in normal conditions. If anyone remembers older cartoons of Bugs Bunny it would seem that once rabbit was a meal the public was aware of.

Myxomatosis put everyone off?


We can still buy rabbit at the butcher. I've had it once but was not impressed to retry.
I find the thought of eating hamster & some of those S.American small animals a bit off putting. There again here in Australia possum, koala, witchety grub, Moreton Bay bugs, snake and mutton bird have all been on the menu at times.


It has long been known that rabbits in Australia have no natural predators to control the rabbit population, leading the rabbit population . This results in a rabbit population explosion and a great nuisance.

There are a number (eagles, dingos, cats) but they breed too prolifically like Chinese, Indians, Africans, Muslims & support for Ukrainian fascist genocidal regimes.

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