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Feminist or not

Just wondering how feminism, sexism, and agnosticism work out on this site.

"Feminism is the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.
Core believes:
Sexism exists;
Sexism against women (misogyny) is enduring, pervasive, systemic, cultural, and ingrained;
Men and women should have equal rights and opportunities;
Women are intellectual equals and social equals to men;
Women should be recognized and treated as equals to men;"

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By Hope4Zoe
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Depending on your definition, I'm either a feminist or a pro-feminist.
Feminism does not just look after the well-being of women. It is also vital for us queer men and trans people. Sexism is directly responsible for the bulk of prejudice and discrimination against the lgbt community. It is also hard for me to fathom how any father of a daughter would not want fair and equal opportunity for his daughter(s). And how can a nation fully flourish when over half the population is oppressed? Should be a no-brainer. smile003.gif

MikeInBatonRouge Level 7 Dec 4, 2017

I deleted my comment because I couldn't add anything to what you said. You said it very well. Thank you for your comment and thank you for you!


I just want to point out the silliness that some commenters here are so caught up in the "feminists are extremists" narrative based mainly on what they "witnessed" on the internet. OP didn't ask what your opinion was of the popular narrative (more of a smear campaign really) of how feminists tend to be portrayed in still-sexist society.

The OP was even kind enough to lay out a working definition for feminism, which said nothing about women being superior or men being evil: They wrote, "Feminism is the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes." Do you agree with that? Congratulations, you're a feminist!

Ariel Level 4 Dec 5, 2017

Okay, I'll admit "smear campaign" was a bit extreme of me. Weak man seems appropriate. Picking out the weakest arguments and presenting them as representational of the entire movement. Not cool, guys.

I belive in equality of the sexes, which is why I identify as egalitarian. And I'm not picking the weakest arguments, I'm just looking at the feminist philosophy as a whole.

OPs definition of feminism also included "Sexism against women (misogyny) is enduring, pervasive, systemic, cultural, and ingrained." I witness a great deal of misandry. Sexism against woman AND men is enduring, pervasive, systematic, cultural, and ingraned. I don't want to identify with a movement that sees women's issues as more important.

I don't want to group myself with people who think "mansplaining" is a good way to shut down a man's argument. If I was male, I would not be able to admit any of this here out of fear of being castigated. That isn't okay with me.


As a humanist I believe that all human beings are equal and have equal worth. As a man I believe men have ruled the world for far to long.

Nokasuchi Level 4 Dec 4, 2017

Tired of all the 'man-hating feminists' comments. Maybe some times women are just tired and don't want to deal with our crap. Makes sense to me even if I sometimes feel threatened by that. If they need to get away from us guys sometimes then that's their choice! Me feeling threatened by that is MY issue. Definitely does not mean they are 'man-haters'. All feminism means is that women are as important as men. It's not that complicated.

kmdskit3 Level 8 Dec 8, 2017


@Trapezoid Don't understand your comment?

@kmdskit3 it's a heart - on it's side, meant to show love for your comment!

Oh! I see it now. Thanks, that's very sweet.


The term feminist is like atheist in that it elicits an emotional response with people when they hear the word. Both have a stigma and many people who are actually feminists don’t want to say they are, for fear of the label and the stigma that comes with it. I personally don’t give a shit what people think of my atheism, or feminism, but I understand some people do care. I know a lot of guys who think only women can be feminists, and they all want to destroy men. I’m not a fan of calling these things something different like non-religious or equal rights activist. I think education is key, because I believe inherently everyone seeks equality and most people want to help others achieve that. Embarace the terminology and help your fellow human, especially those that are oppressed.

Riley Level 5 Dec 5, 2017

I don't consider myself a feminist; others might because I consider all people equal and just as capable as any other person, don't see one's sex as a determining factor of capabilities or expectations and I don't believe that roles of the sexes need to limited or are in anyway predetermined.
Feminism is just a label and I'm not big on labeling people and don't like it or believe in it.

HeathenFarmer Level 8 Dec 5, 2017

Voted that I'm a a male Feminist
Not that I am an active protester, or anything.

MrLizard Level 8 Dec 4, 2017

All we need is for you to treat is like equal human beings, so thank you.

My only issue is that I do enjoy, in the romance arena, spoiling a woman. So, that could be an issue with some.


I believe in equality for everyone, and I think that should be a given for anybody.

However, I do have issues with post-modernist, third wave feminism. It no longer focuses on gender equality, and seems to try to demonize men for, often times, ridiculous reasons.

GaleTRogersJr Level 4 Dec 6, 2017

I believe in what most feminists do but I disagree with the SJW side of the issue.

gearl Level 7 Dec 4, 2017

Plan on marching someplace warm January 20th-any invites? lol

sassygirl3869 Level 9 Dec 4, 2017

I'm in LA. I'll be marching. We had so many men march last year. We had over 700,000 marchers. If you're near you are welcome to join.

I don't think you will be marching here then, January 20th is not noted to be warm here in Western Canada.

@HeathenFarmer I'm from Eastern Canada. I know the cold. Very well. Stay warm and cozy.


It's kind of like equal opportunity; feminism is necessary to compensate for a lot of wrong. I hope one day it becomes no longer necessary.

godef Level 7 Dec 7, 2017

I voted for "I'm male and i'm a feminist" , but i prefer the word equalist

Tejas Level 5 Dec 6, 2017

I’ve a couple of daughters, raised by their dad, who are simply ‘guy magnets.’ What they’ll constantly hear (and share with me) is how relieved guys are to find they lack a feminist agenda. They back down to no one - yet complement everyone, making any relationship ‘complete.’

...and if you’re looking for militant feminism … try Portland, Oregon.. Perhaps starting at the ‘women & women first’ bookstore smile001.gif The humor of ‘Portlandia,’ (my hometown) has a base in fact...

Varn Level 8 Dec 4, 2017

I believe in equality of the sexes and races, however I do NOT believe anyone is better than another. I have met too many women who state that they're a feminist that believes that men should be subjugated since they have done that to women for years/decades.

kiramea Level 7 Dec 4, 2017

If they're promoting the subjugation of men, then they have a pretty poor understanding of feminism, and they're just spiteful, miserable people.

Hear! Hear!

Where have you met these women? I have never met a woman, a feminist who holds those views. Very strange? Are they part of some group? I would like to know more about these women. Since feminism isn't about subjugating anyone at all.

I have ran into these women everywhere I have lived (Texas, Kansas, Virginia, and Missouri). I have no clue if they all belonged to a group since I refuse to argue with any of them. My son has also ran into them online in quite a few games that he plays. I understand that this a minority, however it is really irritating when you do run into them.

Any ideology that gets popular enough is going to attract some extremists here and there. It's not a reflection on the group's core tenants, but it is sad that the loud minority confuses the message for others.


Modern feminism is just toxic. Maybe a few decades ago it was still a noble cause, but now with so much man hating, wage gap mythology, manspreading and imaginary patriarchy, I just can’t take them seriously.

Redlegdex Level 5 Dec 4, 2017

Why then, do female doctors make less than male doctors when women in the profession actually have better patient outcomes? Keep in mind than many female docs choose to remain single and/or child-free, so it's not the Mom Tax.

Who are you hanging around with? I don't know any feminists who hate men. I don't actually know anyone who hates "men." I think that's a myth. The wage gap is not a myth. "Today, on average, a woman earns 79 cents for every dollar a man earns, and women’s median annual earnings are $10,800 less than men’s, according to a report released by the Senate Joint Economic Committee Democratic Staff last April." I can't take the statement seriously that you think that manspreading and patriarchy are imaginary.

You are just wrong the feminist cause has never been about hating men, the wage gap is real as is the patriarchy of our western society.
What is the saddest is that after over 50 years of active feminism there is still a need for it. The right to be treated equally as what we all should desire.
How is it acceptable that half the population needs to constantly on guard against being sexually assaulted most of the time?

And thought as atheist, we’d be less indoctrinated in myths, yet here we are...


I can't wait for the day when we stop referring to people as feminists. I think you're either normal, or you're sexist, one way or another. If it's a good thing, and I think feminism is, we should normalize it.

Nebroxah Level 5 Mar 15, 2018

Well, technically yes. I don't often call myself that because it polarizes people shutting them down from listening to what I say and because half of the feminist population and I disagree on certain issues like pornography and prostitution. Then too many feminists make me feel alienated because I'm not a woman - I'm female sure - but I don't have the same gendered experiences as them dressing and acting the way I do nor do I interpret acts by men in the same way. If someone wanted to call me a feminist I wouldn't complain but I say my feminism falls under my humanism.

Nicsnort Level 6 Jan 15, 2018

I think that modern feminist have lost their way in they focus on 1st world problems and ignore real issues that happening in the 3rd world. I believe in meritocracy and egalitarianism.
The issue that gets harped on about which annoys me most is the wage gap. It's not real; their is an earnings gap, and that is due to men tend to work longer and more hours, and tend to go into higher paid riskier jobs. When a feminist talks about the glass ceiling, I would counter what about the glass cellar, more men in dirty horrible jobs (sewage workers as an example) If you look at teaching were is the gender balance? [teachingtimes.com]

RickOShea Level 3 Dec 22, 2017

I ansered "alienated," but if anyone not close to me asks, I just tell them I am feminist because it's easier than explaining the nuances of my position.

I have an issue with the name "feminism" and the focus. I recognize that often men suffer just as much as women, and in many circumstances more so. Yet it's often ignored and not discussed, because it isn't considered as important as women's issues. Feminism has a failure to recognize the full spectrum of gender discrimination.

So I identify as egalitarian.

HippieNerd Level 3 Dec 7, 2017

Blow this whole "feminism" thing! As hinted at by @kiramea I have seen too many women engage in misandry when claiming feminism: the language that such people use amount to a blanket condemnation of all men, and I have had enough of these half-wits lashing out at one half of humanity.

irascible Level 8 Dec 4, 2017

Can you give me examples of this language? I live in LA and have yet to witness these views. Who are these women? Where are they and what groups do they belong to? Exactly what do they say? Can you give examples?

Hello @Hope4Zoe. These are views that I have encountered on the Internet, primarily on social media, with a few appearing in news reports. I will see if I can dig up some and start a new thread and tag you in on it.

In terms of who these women are, I have no idea other than being aware that they are people with personality issues where men just happen to be a target.

Hello again @Hope4Zoe. Herewith: [agnostic.com]

I really don't think people "on the internet" are a very reliable measurement for anything. I've seen plenty of atheists and agnostics on different forums and all around the net who are complete dicks. The internet reveals the worse sides of people, talking over the voices of those who are actually trying to do some good. Don't let them sway you.

Hello @Ariel. You touch upon a couple of complex subjects. First there is the research method of using the Internet to get back to original sources. I was relieved when I was able to locate original sources through that link-to-a-link. The second is recognising that vociferous minority can undo all the good work of the majority. Such "undoing" is not just limited to the feminist arena; there is also the ongoing scandal of pedophilia in the Catholic church, for example.


And I try to be in touch with my feminine side.

JackPedigo Level 8 Dec 4, 2017
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