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Many Xians will point to the "incorruptible saints" as evidence that God is real, and the supernatural is real, and miracles are real but what actual compelling evidence is there that this claim is real? St. Spyridon, Bishop of Trinythous has been dead since 348 and the claim is he was exhumed 35 years after burial and was totally incorrupt and remains so some 1700 years after his death. You'd think such a thing would be worth examining but try to find a photograph of this "miracle" anywhere. All you'll get is paintings and drawings. St. Bernadette has remained incorrupt since she died in 1879. Today, about 140 years later, she still looks as fresh as a daisy. Unlike Spyridon, you can see photos of Bernadette all over the internet since she's on view in a glass coffin in the chapel of the abbey where she used to serve. Her keepers admit her body undergoes "maintenance" but the scope of this "maintenance" isn't clear.

So if her body can't remain as fresh and pretty as it is without "maintenance" and there are no photos of St. Spyridon's supposedly incorrupt remains then I'm guessing Spyridon isn't looking quite as fresh as Bernadette is -- probably because he doesn't receive regular "maintenance to keep himself camera ready at all times.

Point being, Xians love to proclaim that miracles of God are real and yet if you look at any so-called miracle of God, there's always some kind of conditions attached to it or it's just hearsay-- a claim made with no evidence. if miracles have to be manufactured or made without proof to back them up and only taken on faith then that, to me, is proof they're not real: this includes bleeding/weeping effigies, Marian apparitions, incorruptible remains, walking on water. parting seas, you name it, none of it can be confirmed or proven and that alone is proof against all of it.

Inexplicable things do happen but the miracles of God al;ways have to be manufactured or are the result of religious hysteria.

Sgt_Spanky 8 Apr 23

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Lenin has been dead for almost 100 years and apparently looks as fresh as the day he died . proper embalming and an airtight coffin works wonders

I think I read they change his fluids once a year or something like that. A periodic fluid replacement.

@Dougl35534 Sounds legit. I change the oil in my car once a year and it works OK.


Those glass cased coffins are well known to keep bodies in a remarkable state of preservation and you don't even have to be a saint to reap such rewards. Just be buried in one of those iron, with glass window coffins that are known to be airtight and you are good to go!


My favourite bullshit catholic saint is St. Teresa (1515–82) AKA Teresa of Ávila.
Her claim to canonization rest on her as a young novice Nun having a series of "visions" of being visited by a unnaturally handsome Angel of the Lord who pierced with his huge golden spear causing her to experience previews of spasms of heavenly ecstasy so intense and powerful that she fainted.
During these "visions" she apparently trembled, screamed and "bade her sisters hold her down" on her bed "lest she be raptured before their eyes"
In an effort to go to heaven and have the same experience again she dedicated her entire life to god and the church

Hmmm sounds like an orgasmic fantasy to me. Just saying.....

He "pierced her with his huge golden sword" did he? The story of St. Teresa of Avila reads less like a justification for canonization and more like a porno.


Christian theology is a treasure chest of flawed thinking, false propositions, irrationality and logical fallacies, which is exactly why the weak of mind adore it so. 🙂


Lenin is also on display in a glass coffin and is kept in good condition for a dead guy. Is that a miracle? He made the Soviet Union on atheist state. At least they don't claim a miracle, although he is their own version of a saint.

I heard that they embalmed him with arsenic which will kill all the bacteria needed to decompose the body. The same thing with Napoleon, well actually they killed him with the arsenic.


Bernadette's non corruption is do to a good waxing and that is not bikini waxing.


Mother Teresa was completely corrupt, too.

And she managed that before she was even dead.

The missionary position will do that to you.


You are correct. There is bodily maintenance to keep up the myth that the body was incorruptible. This is a hoax that believers have pulled from day one. Nothing about it in the bible and I saw it for real in Germany. You must have been good if you are not going to rot or decay.

I'll do this next one in shouting because that was how the local sign was today.


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