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How can the cruel irony of 'corporations are people' be ethical rather than undemocratic?


"Over the last century, the Supreme Court has extended civil rights to corporations, insulating them from government reprisal for exercising those rights. It wasn’t long ago that Republicans were cheering this trend ...The party also helped usher in the era of massive corporate political giving with the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which secured corporations’ rights as political donors under the First Amendment, and backed the Hobby Lobby decision, which recognized some corporations’ religious beliefs. These rulings had significant downsides for American democracy ... This whole situation highlights one of the hidden benefits of recognizing corporations to have rights, that corporate rights also serve as a check on government tyranny ... Autocrats use their control over the private sector to wield power, erode democracy, and stifle protest. But because of rulings like Citizens United Disney at least has the option to fight back on constitutional grounds."

AnonySchmoose 8 Apr 26

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All of this..❤❤❤❤

It is fortunate, though quite unexpected, that Citizens United protects an ethical standard taken up by a corporation.


I'll believe corporations are 'people' when the state of Texas EXECUTES one. 🙂

Yes, definitely should be capital punishment in the case of fossil fuel corporations. They are on their way to killing all life on earth.

@AnonySchmoose Who/what is/isn't killing whom ?

The corporations would cease to exist if/when folks did not want/buy/consume their product(s).

I refer to legal capital punishment as a deterrent.
They act blasé/psychopathic about the threat of mass extinction.

@AnonySchmoose There is NO such thing as "legal capital punishment" for corporations.

I don't delude myself into thinking there ever will be. 😛

As there are also no executions for a corporation.
Something equivalent and legal such as dissolving the corporation should become law.


Ron DeSantis' obsession with gender, gender identity, sexual practices, sexual orientation and his attempt to impose that obsession on other people is nothing less than a vile outrageous obscenity.

His and other politicians' sexist obsessions need to be curtailed by new federal laws or their states should be made to secede from the union.

@102skidoo Your intolerance speaks for for your own internal terror. Have a great day! 🙂


Your first amendment should have been. "Your country may not be sold." Too late now, people who live in Costa Rica, bank in the Maldives, pay taxes in Switzerland and have twenty passports on their yacht in Cyprus now go to the to stock exchange in China to sell shares in USA inc. to each other.

We need more Supreme Court justices to even up the chances of having at least as many ethical federal laws as undemocratic, weakened laws. America is on its way to self-destruction re: democracy, i.e. kowtowing to bigotry, racism, sexism, classicism, fascism. Repubs & DINO's are blasé to allow a consortium of corporate murderers. They are killing all life on earth.

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