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LINK States sue USPS over its decision to buy gas-powered trucks : NPR

California and 15 states that want the U.S. Postal Service to electrify its mail delivery vehicles are suing to halt purchases of thousands of gas-powered trucks as the agency modernizes its delivery fleet.

Three separate lawsuits, filed Thursday by the states and environmental groups in New York and California, ask judges to order a more thorough environmental review before the Postal Service moves forward with the next-generation delivery vehicle program.
When It Comes To Clean Energy, USPS Delivery Trucks Don't Yet Answer The Mail
When It Comes To Clean Energy, USPS Delivery Trucks Don't Yet Answer The Mail

Plaintiffs contend that purchases of fossil fuel-powered delivery vehicles will cause environmental harm for decades to come. The lawsuits could further delay the Postal Service's efforts to replace the ubiquitous delivery trucks that went into service between 1987 and 1994.

snytiger6 9 Apr 29

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The USPS has heaters that plug into an electrical outlet during the harsh winter months for easy starting, in cold weather states. No route I know of is 300 miles long . Electric is the future. De Joy is the past.


DeJoy doesn't care about the rock we sit on. It would be nice have more electric cars on the road.

I figure DeJoy got paid kickbacks or got paid in some way to choose gas vehicles with dismal mileage.

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