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Reality or more US "false news"? . . . Perhaps the header for this post should be "God thinks (knows?) that he is Khazarian"?

"When US liquor stores are told by hacks to dump their already-bought Russian vodka, you know Russophobia is just a psychotic shot away. They dropped COVID just for this."

"And when Fox News says ‘Putin is the Antichrist’ you know that whoever squawks the loudest gains the ear of lamebrain Americans. Rev up the heart rate."

"Don’t you need somebody to hate. Today Putin, yesterday Sadaam, tomorrow whoever stands in the way of the Khazarian Mafia."

"Ukraine is just a pawn in the Khazarian Mafia’s game to ‘contain’ Christian Russia."

"With joint efforts of the Mossad and CIA clandestinely funding Ukraine’s nationalists—”Natz”—as the locals call them, short for “Nazis,” a Ukrainian deep state was created."

"These “Natz” are descendants of the “Banderites” of World War II fame, with whom Hitler, due to their fanatical viciousness, shunned."

"With the help of US State Departments’ Jew, Victoria Nuland, (born “Nudelman” ), the Banderites executed a coup in 2014."


FrayedBear 9 May 7

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Your feeble examples again show you have no clue.

Who "told" liquor stores to dump Russian made vodka? Some moron. Was it mandatory to listen to the moron? No. Who made a big deal over this? Only you.

I dislike the Russian Government very much, but I still buy Russian made vodka.

Last, while may Ukrainians did join forces with Nazi's during WW2, today's Ukraine is not run by Nazi's nor even influenced by same.

Please keep showing us what a poor judge of "news" you are.

In usual arrogant self important opinionated voice you have highlighted the point that the rest of the world is laughing at. Well done alien.
When I have less important things to do I will write the piece telling the world what I think of your value on this planet.
It is not a high priority for me nor do I suspect that it will be for your ego.

@FrayedBear Did it ever consider that one's opinion is ALWAYSopinionated by simple definition.

Actually almost ALL the rest of the world is not only laughing at you, they are truly puzzled as to why you think Russia has any reason to invade another country. As proof, do a survey as to how many people here agree or disagree with you.

You are truly pitiful.

@Alienbeing the world wonders why Americans are such inhumane criminals.

@Alienbeing I suggest the answer to why Russia is working to protect Russian speakers in Ukraine is -
Reaction to American war criminals who have caused the deaths of millions around the world including in the Ukraine -[]
To say nothing of your stupidity in not cleaning up the messes that you have caused resulting in the deaths & defects around the world due to the inhuman use of nuclear & other weapons including depleted uranium, agent orange, land mines, economic sanctions, withholding life saving medicines & techniques through political sanctions & short sighted greed.

You & yours have been & continue to be war criminals promulgating civil disturbance, murder, genocide and misery around the world.

The world is not laughing at me . . it is starting to realise that the world will be a better place without the paranoia & examples set by the likes of you who have directly caused or contributed to far more deaths than Putin has until now. You are are the lowest scum. The world's contempt of American behaviour grows exponentially each day.

@FrayedBear Your suggestion is absurd. What's new?

@FrayedBear No the world wonders no such thing, You and some other Socialists preach such nonsense, but you are easily recognized, and ignored.

@Alienbeing keep snorting your coke.

@Alienbeing and you do not have to be socialist to conclude what has been stated. In fact if we listen to American clap trap Putin & Russia are fascists.

@FrayedBear Your facination about coke reveals the probable reason for your mixed up brain... you are a coke head.

FYI, I never used coke in my life, also FYI if you listen to me Puin & Russia are NOT facists, they are war mongers. Clear your head up then maybe you'll get it.

@FrayedBear More evidence of your love affair with drugs.

@Alienbeing Are you aware that the more agitated you become by my truth your dyslexia correspondingly worsens?

@FrayedBear You do not agitate me, even a little. I am always smiling when I reply to your absurd posts. As I have told you many times, since you are not an American citizen, your opinion is worthless. As such "agitation" is merely another figment of reality, living only in your mind.


The following is the ultimate example of what our MSCM and the lower MSMs create within their fake news when they are one's primary information source, OR when you attempt to use their information to combat fake news. You can't apply sense to nonsense when these medias are all owned by and work for the ruling class and their agenda in a collaborate atmosphere. Results as the following is a vast sense of attack mode chaotic commentary of useless rhetoric from citizens built off the ignorance of indoctrination designed to benefit the chaos they serve the world population. Congratulations to all of you! You've all made yourselves the text book example of a people who obviously can't comprehend your history and willing to fall into the same failures of its past, incapable to recognize this towards seeking more substantial information to avoid doing so.


Oh, really. Well here is what I know. As a person with the ability to watch news in English all over the world I see and hear what is going on now in this war. Buildings and cities in ruins and dead bodies all over. I saw a woman crying and holding a dead person's head as if to look them in the face. Ignorant people tell me this is not real and from some other time. Worldwide media does not support this. Everyone is doing their best to invent something to justify Putin and the horror and bloodshed he is causing. Absolutely none of it works with me. Putin the Putrid should go down in shame. With failing mental and physical health my worry is that after May 9th (a day that Russia defeated the Nazis in years past) they will mark that celebration and Putin will start using nukes. This all must be stopped. Prevention will work out much better of course.

Did you notice that so far two very ignorant conservatives "liked" this garbage in the OP?....

@Lizard_of_Ahaz I saw that. They're everywhere. They quietly arrive and then SCREAM their talking points and other general nonsense. Regurgitation. It's pretty sad.

@SeaGreenEyez What it is I think of as vile...


Oh and yet another newsflash.... Fox News said no such thing that was a Ukrainian Bishop..... Fox has been blaming everyone except Putin....


As usual you prove nothing. Are you so incompetent that you cannot find the Fox report quoting the Ukrainian bishop?

The raft of other sources quoting Bishop Yevstratiy Zoria, archbishop and spokesperson for the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Try looking at them at


And try to get it through your reptilean brain what the thrust of the post is about.

@FrayedBear Geeze dumbass either you are a complete idiot or you didn't bother to read the real news article I posted reporting that.... Fox did NOT call him the anti-Christ they have been pushing pro-Putin propaganda...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz here is the link that you sent me to. It is now behind a paywall.

@FrayedBear Calling bullshit on that I read it just fine...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz I decline to share, even a spurious email address. Therefore to me it is a paywall.

@FrayedBear Obviously you are too fucking stupid to just scroll down like I did....

It was a BBC interview conducted by BBC's Global News religion and ethics producer Harry Farley, in which Orthodox Ukrainian Archbishop Yevstratiy Zoria first made the statement (twice) that Putin is the modern anti-christ.
Faux News simply quoted the interview in an edited form, concentrating on the Christian mysticism implied by the language to hook in their red neck yokel fan base.


"Russophobia" and "when Fox News says ‘Putin is the Antichrist"
Seems somebody is listening to Chinese pro-Putin propaganda and smoking meth....
Newflash dummy the Russians are already confirmed to have murdered more than 20 times as many civilians in the Ukraine as the Nazis did total during WW2.... The unconfirmed execution style murders are believed to be three to four times as high . Some of the confirmed mass murders include women and young girls being gang raped then shot in the back of the head before being run over by a tank then left in the street.... Make no mistake this was done under orders and a text message was intercepted from a Russian wife giving her husband permission to rape women calling it "his patriotic duty"....

"Headquartered in Mountain View, California, and with offices in Seattle, Beijing and Shanghai, it's owned by Particle Media, a parent company founded in 2015. News Break is led by a team of Chinese entrepreneurs and engineers with extensive experience in both the U.S. and China.

Can Chinese tech save American news? - Protocol
[] › china › china-newsbreak-app...

Prove them wrong. Don't just cast aspersions on what they say or who they are. I can equally dismiss you & say that you are just another pathetic American geophobe *.

[]. *

@FrayedBear again? You could just post FoxNews. That's what the Moskals do in the churka media.

@Lizard_of_Ahaz Just because you disagree with @FrayedBear doesn't mean I agree with you. If you want to compare Putin to Stalin, I might agree. For you to say Hitler wasn't as bad as the Russians is being an apologist for the Third Reich. It's no better than Bear's blatantly antisemitic post. You want to join the cockroaches crawling out of the woodwork?

@barjoe Actually I think Putin is at least 100 times worse than Hitler was and he made Stalin look like a Boy Scout....

@Lizard_of_Ahaz You are ridiculous. I'm not a Putin defender but you don't know what you're talking about.

@barjoe Maybe you aren't as well informed as you think.... You sound a bit Like FrayedBear there...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz I'm not uninformed. I'm not misinformed. Hitler and Stalin murdered 50 million people between them. Unless you're a Holocaust Denier or you don't know about Stalin's murderous rampage for 35 years until his death in 1953. Putin has a lot of killing to do to catch up to those two. Barring a thermonuclear extinction event he won't live long enough to even come remotely close. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal and a bloodthirsty totalitarian dictator, I'm not defending him. I'm basically just saying based on the statement you made, you are full of shit.

@PapPap Fucking Russian Orthodox church what do you want?....

@PapPap, @barjoe You are misinformed because you are using the wrong numbers.... Inside the Ukraine ...
If you want to know who is "full of shit" here that would be you... During the Nazi occupation of the Ukraine during WW2 over a period of nearly two years the Nazis murdered approximately 100,000 civilians (most of them ethnic Jews). Keep in mind that was the entire Ukraine while today under Putin's orders in one city alone over 20,000 civilians have been murdered in an effort to terrorize those living there into submission. So in one city as of more than a week ago the Russians have already murdered 20% of the Nazi's total in less than 2 months.... You want to tell me now how much better Putin is than Hitler dumbass?... You are an historical illiterate who thinks he is well informed but in reality is about as well informed as the average Fox News viewer.....
Russia Has Killed Twice as Many in Mariupol as Nazi ...
[] › ... › Nazi Germany
8 days ago — "In two years, the Nazis killed 10,000 civilians in Mariupol. And the Russian occupiers in two months - more than 20 thousand Mariupol. More ...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz I don't discount the atrocities in Ukraine, but Putin is far from the worst mass murderer in history, tho he is a mass murder. There have been many mass murders in history outside of Ukraine. Pol Pot murdered more people than Putin. It's not even close. Mao murdered 100x more people than Putin. Djevdet Bey was an Ottoman governor who killed more people than Putin. Idi Amin killed more people than Putin. Nobody knows for sure how many people Kim family in DPRK have murdered, but way more than Putin. Mussolini and Hirohito both killed more people than he has. Certainly Hitler and Stalin did by far. It's not arguable. So I won't.


Actually I think Putin is at least 100 times worse than Hitler was and he made Stalin look like a Boy Scout....

This is only because Putin is NOW to you and Hitler and STalin are THEN to you.
I wonder if people for whom Hitler and Stalin was their NOW would feel the same way you do.

I hate historical pissing contests being used as justification for present day actions.

@TheMiddleWay Gee are you really THAT stupid?... Why don't you look up Putin's "filtration camps" which intelligence showed a month ago as having huge mass graves where civilians are being sorted out. Some are shot and dumped while others are transported deeper into Russia for slave labor. Back when I first heard about them the numbers being sent to those camps numbered over 250,000.... How many have to die before you wake the fuck up?
Also it was recently leaked that Putin was offering $20,000 per head for the deaths of what he called mercenaries but are actually volunteers from Norway.... Their reply was "come and get us motherfucker. We'll see you in Valhalla".

@barjoe Don't be so sure Putin has been murdering his own people his entire career and isn't finished yet. How many civilian deaths did he cause in Syria and Afghanistan?....


Gee are you really THAT stupid?...

I must be when you think that the 250,000 people that Putin killed is 100 times worse than the 2 million that Hitler killed.

I mean come on bro, that's only 10 times worse at best! 😂😂😂

@TheMiddleWay "The total number of noncombatants killed by the Germans—about 11 million"

@TheMiddleWay You are proof that the middle way is actually the enabler's way.... I guess you really are that stupid that you can't see what reality is. Those 250,000 victims of Putin were during the first 30 days of his failed war. Hitler took many years to rack up his numbers. Also you aren't accounting for his other murders of civilians both inside and out of Russia...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz , @Barjoe, @TheMiddleWay, @PapPap do you want to claim that I or someone else made up these photographs & that it is all illusion like the Mai Lai massacre 64 years ago by American troops in Vietnam?

@FrayedBear Whataboutism? Instead of addressing Russian mass murderer, you're saying What about Vietnam?" BTW some of those pics are made up, by sunshine else.

@barjoe "whataboutism" an expression used to ignore uncomfortable reality. The reality is that USA has proclaimed that it is the preeminent world leader who expects the rest of yhe world to be like it - fucked up, inhumane & criminal. Now you complain because Russia has followed the US provocation & example.

It's called hypocrisy Joe & false argument.

@FrayedBear It's an expression for exactly what it is. BTW not arguing with you, just calling it like it is. I never said America has never committed atrocities. You won't do the same for your beloved Russia.

@barjoe lol.won't I? I think I already have on several occasions regarding Afghanistan.

@FrayedBear Afghanistan? Going back 30 years or more? The whole world is watching atrocities and mass murder by Russia in Ukraine. NOW!

@barjoe Lots of laughter Joe. What crimes is America committing right now?

Isn't every dollar sent by America to pay for mercenaries or weapons whether used in Ukraine, Afghanistan, or Israel against Ukrainians, Palestinians or Russians is a crime against those people & humanity?

Every American shot by an American policeman\ woman or other government agency is a crime against the people of the United States if not genocide.

Every Ukrainian citizen used by a member of the Azov brigade as a human shield who is killed by a Russian soldier trying to shoot the Azov brigade member is a crime by a Ukrainian paid mercenary not the Russian soldier. The crime in this case is genocide.

@barjoe Afghanistan was another situation where America stupidly poured money & weapons into another country in the hope of bringing down\disempowering Russia.

@FrayedBear I live here and it's fine. I come and go as I please. I would shit to live in fucking Russia and I wouldn't feel free to come and go as I please or say what I want. You don't see any Moskals posting on this site. They can't. What happened to Edward Snowden since the Cossack Invasion? You don't hear a word from that motherfucker anymore. Russia has become Nazi Germany.

@FrayedBear It was your beloved CCCP back then.

@barjoe "I come and go as I please" - an illusion Joe.

@FrayedBear Why don't you leave your "illusion of freedom" in Australia and emigrate to your beloved Mother Russia? See if you can come and go as you please. You think would be allowed to publicly criticize Vladimir Putin like you are allowed to publicly criticize PM Scott Morrison? That's a rhetorical question with an obvious answer.

@barjoe lol Joe. We daren't criticise him. We're only allowed to tell the truth about him. If we we don't he will sue our arses off for defamation.

@FrayedBear He has it a lot better than Biden does or even Trump had. So far you can publicly criticize a public figure in the United States and you can't get sued. I don't know about Australia, but here in US they would have to prove hate speech, malicious intent or public threats of bodily harm. Try publicly speaking or writing against the government in Putin's Russian. Depending on how relevant you are, you will get a visit from Chekism, you'd at least be detained.

@barjoe lol. Read some of the Kangaroo Court (why hire a lawyer when you can buy a judge) articles that I've shared on here.

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