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No Furnace yet. Next Monday! I feel punished by circumstances.

yBut we have nice weather!

Spinliesel 9 May 10

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Is maybe a phone call to the Senior Helpline/Elder Abuse people looming? Because, really, what BS!
Do they have your money?

only the down payment. The manager who gave me the wrong data is also of the older generation, so I forgive him. I just feel persecuted by the Bad Luck Genie. There is, of course, no such thing. I keep thinking:" wow, I am saving a lot of money right now. I will buy the good German beer when I have access to my money again." In the meantime, I am cleaning out one of the food cupboards. Amazing, what I have squirreled away!


I'm so sorry, hang in there.

I am It is getting warmer and sunnier. I planted some Geraniums in the planters on the porch. Anything to cheer me up.

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