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How much of table etiquette you know or follow

Are they still relevant or important to you?

How many of these do you know and follow when you dine out?

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FrankTjia 3 May 12

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When I was little I went to a Military School for the summer, we were all supposed to follow certain rules and there are only two of these that I recognize. The first and last.


I'm adding another picture because that one was too small to read on my phone.
Answering your question, I would have to say with the exception of the one called finished I don't use any of them. The vast majority of restaurants I go to do not have wait staff that would know what they meant anyway.


As with most communication unless both sides know what is being said, there is no effective communication.  I would hazard to guess that most service people and most patron wouldn't be able to effectively communicate.

Wow, this takes me back to when I would frequent American fine dining places. It was handy to have a code for them not to take my meal when I left the table ("pause" ), but I suspect it's not practiced at more than a few places these days.


I've never seen/heard of this and I rather doubt that 99% of the servers at most restaurants have ever seen/heard this either.

Also, I can just speak my intentions rather than resort to some utensil secret code.

It may originate from when the help wasn’t allowed to speak or make eye contact with the upper crust. A traditional worth ignoring.

@Garban Ah, okay. Well, I'm certainly not upper crust. I'm not even sure if I qualify as middle crust.

@Charles1971 I’m just old and crusty.🙃


Sign language for utensils - who knew?

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