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LINK Las Vegas Hotel Shocks Every Employee With a Surprise $5,000 Check: 'We Are Incredibly Proud'

👍 Yea!!!!! This is how to keep employees invested in service industry jobs. #yea

SeaGreenEyez 9 May 13

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Labor shortage? Not here.

Gee, maybe it's a decent jobs at reasonable pay shortage.


When a company is doing well, it's easy to be a hero if you keep the right frame of mind. Two situations I remember. In both cases the company spent almost nothing and gave the workers sincere feel good pats on the back.

  1. At a marina where I worked there was a tradition. If more than 20 rental house boats checked out in a day, there would be a case of beer waiting after hours in the break room.
  2. At a medical devices company. If the workload passed a given level during a day, a vice president would wait at the door to the clean room and give everyone a $20 bill as they left.

Again, in both cases, the company was out almost nothing. And the details of how it was done were probably quasi-legal, but the workers enjoyed it greatly. The fact that they abused their people in other ways pretty much never came up.

I can only do doom and gloom 24/7/360. This just happened to be one of my feel-good-day posts. Some days I like to pretend I don't live in a shithole. 😁


Atta boys (or girls) are nice but Money talks!🤩

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