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Trump negotiated additional tariffs for Canadian baby formula and now............

Lorajay 9 May 16

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Geeze the Democratic party are good. "Putin's price hike", now baby formula shortage is Trump's fault. Afghanistan withdrawal an "outstanding success".
When will Bumbling Biden and his single policy "We're not Trump" party accept responsibility for anything?

puff Level 7 May 16, 2022

When will Conservatives stop blaming him for every negative world event that a President has no control over. And actually trying to accomplish what he ran on doing. Ended Afghanistan, lowered Unemployment and passed an infrastructure bill.

@Barnie2years Issues in Afghanistan has not ended, the US just bailed out on the people there.

@puff Trump had already scheduled an Afghanistan withdrawal yet it's all Biden's fault according to trumpers.


Another example of fake news....protecting USA products from Canadian imports only helps consumers fair prices.... producers retaliating is their fault not TrumpOLINi ....I hate the zionist TrumpOLINi and always tell the truth about him....fake news is only benefitting greedy corporations and the demonRAT zionists.....we will never stop the wars with LIES .... duopoly blueRed redBlue partisanship is the problem and Green Independent voters IS THE SOLUTION


That’s what happens when a baby makes trade policy. Did he give exclusive WIC contracts to his buddies?

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