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Mrs Betty Bowers on abortion, God & Jesus.

And if you didn't abort you can always eat yours or let them grow up & be sent to help the Russians be killed by superior American weaponry in the hands of American-Ukrainian paid fascist mercenary bullies.

FrayedBear 9 May 17

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The Rethugs branded this idea a long time ago when they came up with words like "abortion clinic." After that Planned Parenthood was never the same. We suddenly had abortion clinics and abortion doctors. A simple abortion could be a pill without all this nonsense, but now they want to outlaw these and even birth control if they can.


While I am completly nuteral on the subject, I advise you that I know many Democratic and Independent women who are anti-abortion.

Last, when one uses made up verbs such as "Rethugs" or "Dumbocrat" the user makes his/her argument questionable.

@Alienbeing does "nuteral" refer to the state of your testicles, something that you spread on bread or just another example of your psychosis & delusions?

@Alienbeing LOL alien. Let's face it America has been plotting this for over 80 years.
You did read the damning Rand report that I posted links to to enable you to obtain it & educate yourself about American perfidy that is now resulting in the Ukrainian conflict & Russia's attempts to stop the genocide instigated & fomented by America?
No well here's the link. Perhaps I should have titled it "America's War on Russia"?
"Extending Russia Competing from Advantageous Ground by James Dobbins, Raphael S."

@FrayedBear Are you usually so childish, or are you regressing?

@FrayedBear Your second post of 5/23 again shows you can't read, or have significant memory issues. I told you I had no intention of reading the Rand report and explained why.

No matter how may ties you attempt to justify Russia's invasion og Ukraine your bull won't fly. Additional NO genocide was taking place in Urkaine prior to Russia's invasion, but Russia is sure doing it now.

Your arguments get weaker daily.


I see you admit that American weaponry is superior.

I made this post having just read a Guardian article where it was claimed that a Ukrainian woman had been pleading with Ukrainian fascists armed with American \ NATO tanks to let Russian conscripts armed with WWI revolvers to escape back into Russia. Mrs Bowers piece came as dark humour to the Guardian's levity.

@FrayedBear Not surprised you read the Guardian. That piece of shit is most likely owed by Putin. However, American arms are very superior to the Russian garbage.

Let's hope many Russian troops learn the above fact the hard way.

@Alienbeing you are an incredibly ignorant alien. Try looking up the history & ownership of the Guardian. Sadly it's not what it used be.

@FrayedBear The Guardian is so left leaning that it stinks. YOU are a moron or a liar if you can't see that.

I forgot more history than you will ever know, stop trying to sound intelligent. You can't

@Alienbeing every time that you put words of reply up here you reveal your contempt for yourself & your indoctrination. An indoctrination that you seem unable to discard in order to free yourself from the shackles that it imposes upon you.
Poor alien.

They shoot horses. . . Psychotic aliens?

@FrayedBear The person I find contemptable is you. Unfortunately you never acheived any level of reading comprehension, so you cannot understand what you read. Proof of that is you believe Russia's invasoin was justified. That conclusion along with all the other nonsense you post reveals your epic confusion.

@Alienbeing Russia's invasion is understandable but no more justifiable than America's invasion of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cambodia, & a raft of other places. To say nothing of the US promulgation of the over throw and attempts to overthrow many countries democratically elected governments ranging from Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Australia to name but a few.
Equally the fascist Ukrainians & their mercenaries invasion of Donbass to perpetrate genocide against the Russian speaking Ukrainians is not justifiable. The US fomenting & arming of the conflict even more unjustifiable.

@FrayedBear You continue your feeble attempt to justify the Russian invasion by saying "someone else invaded another country first" That is the worst "defense" one can imagine. It is exactly like defending a murderer by saying "someone else murdered another previously, so what's new?".

Your position is so stupid I won't reduce myself by replying to it.

As far as the remainder of your post, as I said previously, what your opinion of what we did or do is completly irrelevant. Apparently you haven't noticed that your opinion changes nothing.

@Alienbeing LOL. You just have replied!

Don't you have a life other than stalking & trolling me with your gaslighting replies?

@FrayedBear Not trolling, correcting. You wouldn't know a gaslight is it fell on you.

Notice any changs in US operations due to your meaningless posts yet?



BDair Level 8 May 18, 2022

No satirical?


A 40% miscarriage rate may be a low estimate.

Particularly if living in the USA?

@FrayedBear The rate is high globally. It is an indication of just how precariously human life clings to existence.

Humanity is precariously clinging to life above the precipice, with only 7 billion of us overrunning the planet, we are just a handful of miscarriages away from extinction. Or, maybe not.

@BDair I did not explain myself very well. What I meant was that the human genome is incredibly complex, with over 3 billion base pairs, forming both coding and non-coding sequences. The coding sequences number about 25 thousand genes, with many of those having regulatory roles controlling the expression of other genes. For individual genes, multiple variations may exist. During sexual reproduction, the variations get randomly shuffled, and each parent donates a unique set of genes to the offspring. The two sets of genes we inherit from our parents have to form a harmonious union or the resulting embryo will not be viable. And with so many gene pairs, there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong. A couple might have to try many times before a fortuitous combination is formed. There are some couples (about 0.1% of the population) who cannot conceive at all because their genes simply cannot form a harmonious union. Each of the people, the man and the woman, can have perfectly healthy children with other people, just not with each other.

Another factor to consider is genetic defects. Some genes are particularly prone to mutations, and the incident rates of a host of genetic diseases gives us an insight into these mutation rates, which are generally predictable in number year after year. Genetic diseases often do not harm viability until after birth. Sometimes the genetic disease does not express itself until adulthood.

So we have genes that work perfectly well some of variations but not with others. And then we have gene variations that cause fatal disease. It all adds up to life being a pretty iffy proposition.

@Flyingsaucesir none helped by the stupid¹ greed of American corporations pursuing mammon. Their brainchilds have included cornflakes, agent orange, cocaine in soft drinks, thalidomide, depleted uranium blowing in the breeze, mustard gas, COVID-19, influenza, fluoride, 5G & prior transmiters radioactivity, microwaves, . . .

@FrayedBear Some if the stuff you list is truly bad...e.g. Coca Cola...other stuff, like Uranium 238, eh! 😂

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