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Gun manufacturers have always been the real money behind the NRA. Their ads get bolder and bolder and more evil every year.


Lorajay 9 May 31

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99% true..... global guns are proliferated by CONGRESS....thank you for telling most of the NRA story ....... too many people pretend it is a rethuglican problem when zionist duopoly controls Congress and the 537 incumbents for illegal wars in 160 countries since 1946


No shit

bobwjr Level 10 May 31, 2022

I posted this as "On my mind" this morning:

Funerals have begun for the former kids of Godly Uvalde. Maybe I'll cry for them after we see how Uvalde votes this November. I'd like to see a report on how they've voted in the past but CNN is interviewing the surviving kids. One would suspect residents will be motivated to stop the rot in American "values" and vote against guns. Should they vote in favor of guns then I have to figure god was sending a message. Just as Thou did for a jogging a$$hole. In that event I'd be happy about the loss of future red votes (ass-uming SOA has a future). These kids may well have beaten us to the grave.
In 1941 our nation collectively felt such outrage that we went to war against humans who caused far less death than the red party of this nation has in this century. In 2022 the death is supposedly heart breaking but happens in other cities. We've got lives.
Canada has even acted on our sinful worship of a golden calf. Why do I call it sin? Because god yelled "Hey Abbott" and hit the jogger with a tree. God also routinely hits the red states with vicious storms and calamities so it's pretty clear to me what Thou thinks yet the sinners don't hear Thou's messages. God must be perplexed. Thou used a storm to kill everyone but one family so it's a tried and proven method. Water may not end the failed experiment called humanity but it can certainly prepare the landscape for Thou's big event. I actually hope that's what is occurring because this Priest finds the whole scene sickening.
States Of America no longer means anything to me. I, like Tao, do not care about us. As I say, we'll find out how the divine population of TX votes in November. I've voted and that was my last act of national concern. If you don't vote against this then I feel the same way for you. Even love, I've learned, has limits and support of evil is evil. Pretending that I care would be a sin against Zen's principle of detachment and if the subject is god then I'll go with Tao☯️


From what I understand, gun sales soar after every mass shooting. So in other words, the latest school shooting will likely boost gun sales dramatically in Texas and all around, as if having more guns would have stopped what happened. Gosh, there were how many armed police officers right outside in the hallway, and they didn't stop the gunman from continuing to shoot little kids. No common sense...

I think guns sales sore after mass shootings because the gun gangster salesmen start screaming now they're going to take our guns.

@Lorajay Yep, "Get 'em while you still can" seems to be their mantra.


Don't forget Putin's contributions.

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