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LINK Colorado to Examine Lauren Boebert’s Mileage Claims and Tax Liens


Clearly she did not use me or someone such as myself, when she decided to try to lie on her taxes.

It takes a seriously stupid human (a computer wouldn't do this if using tax prep software) to claim more miles than the circumference of the Earth, as a reasonable write-off for mileage expense.

The same people that took down Madison Cawthorn, also uncovered tax liens dating back almost a decade, for unpaid taxes for her restaurant. Magically, those were all paid, with campaign monies.

This is such a fun story.

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 11

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She is such an ass.


Lying thieves every one of them!


I had mentioned before that these people had said she was next.

Wonder who else is on their list.

You know!!!!! Good Ol' Marj. (Rumor has it their scoping a couple Corporate Dems, too. Cuelar in Texas and Manchin namely.) Wouldn't that be fun!!!

@SeaGreenEyez, I can't think of two more deserving Democrats.


Nail her

bobwjr Level 10 June 11, 2022
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