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Here's a comment made by Skado: "Like it or not, Christianity remains the most highly evolved moral system produced by humans, whether we acknowledge it or not."

If you have time, say why you chose what you chose.

Which of the following do you consider to be the most highly evolved moral system?

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racocn8 8 June 12

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Humanism is the only moral system I see on the list that was created for our current world and can be easily adapted to evolve as new information becomes known.


First you must explain why you think an archaic religion, that hasn’t evolved, at all, can have the superior moral standards to any of modern day humans. Christianity is homophobic, misogynistic, racist, and pedophilic. Christianity is immoral.


Can't vote, but the quote is nonsense. What does he mean by Christianity anyway? This is not some pedantic point, but rather a fact that this religion is whatever believers want it to be, and has been since it emerged as a host of cults by the second century AD, and has evolved since then. It's a death cult, with thousands of variations. What he probably means is HIS understanding of the Christian moral system, or what he thinks is the Christian moral system. Now, of course those lunatic Christians in America -- christo fascists -- would have quite another one, and so on. In my view, Christianity has the morals of a death cult, based on fear and punishment. Most highly evolved? I think not.


Who said.... other?


Such comparisons are sheer nonsense because at best they remain matters of belief with no objective yardstick by which a measurement may be conducted, leading to further thoughts of my god is better than your god and engender strife which is all they have done hitherto.

Agreed, but I think it was pretty clever of him to pose it as a question to allow us to arrive at your conclusion on our own.


I find the idea of any moral system being highly evolved to be absurd. Life forms evolve, moral systems change. It would be equally absurd to claim that Homo sapiens is the most highly evolved of the great apes.


Thanks for posting this, I blocked him ages ago. I pegged him as a Christian apologist early on, but he may even be a believer after a statement like that. It's a statement that he can't produce supporting evidence for, incidentally. At least he is not as exasperating as TheMiddleWay!

I ignore both skado and TheMiddleWay; I simply cannot be doing with their nonsense.

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