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For those who cook even a little what is your favorite thing to cook. Is it related to any tradition?

btroje 9 Dec 5

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Hot green chili with pork and flour tortillas , spaghetti and a variety of meatballs and I love to cook meat and add different things. I cook enough to share.


Poached cod, because it's fast & easy. LOL
soak in milk, sliced camparis on top with some lemon pepper seasoning and done in a snap.
Couscous mixed with garlic & shredded italian cheese on the side.

No tradition involved.

what are camparis?

@btroje the only tomatoes in the store that taste like tomatoes to me πŸ™‚ They're about 2/3 the size of a golf ball.


Being a bachelor, I rarely cook anything but TV dinners. But occasionally I like to cook a whole roast and make gravy out of the juice. Then I can make a really good, thick hot beef sandwich and have enough beef left over for cold sandwiches for most of the week.


My favorite thing to cook is chili ,due to the fact that there are numerous ways to prepare it . So many different ingredients can be utilized .Very interesting flavors can be achieved using chocolate,beer, etc. I also use many different types of peppers,and instead of onions you can substitute chives, leeks,shallots,And when it comes to herbs and spices ,there is no end to the combinations . I even use lime juice in some recipes


Turkey carcass stew. When you're sick of turkey leftovers just strip all the leftover meat off the carcass, mix in whatever veggies you like with some kind of stock/bouillon cubes, spices and simmer to your satisfaction. Tastes great and it's excellent on cold winter days. Especially up here in the North Country!

I make something similar that goes by "turkey bone soup". It's great. Cabbage, corn, some celery, I use boullon paste in a jar, and boom!

Stop! You're making me hungry. I would add potatoes though...

Sorry forgot to put @Qualia


I make home made energy balls. Super good for me and delicious.

what is that? Inquiring minds want to know.

Oatmeal, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, coconut flakes (optional), cinnamon, ginger, and pure maple syrup. Yummy for your tummy!!!


Being totally animal free(vegan) has inspired me to make some of the comfort foods that have cheese. Like Mac n chz. But there are also lots of other foods I make that are yummy. Just don’t ask where I get protein.


I can grill or smoke any meat. I use a combination of seasons that i rub on them. I use zesty Italian to soak it in over night. I only cook for my friends or their events. I've master sauces and gravies for side dishes. My favorite cake is a pineapple upside down cake. I make it my own design. I like to be creative and experiment. I have mastered several dishes that I'm asked to make on special occasions. People make me happy and feel special when they rave on about my talent. It's funny because it's like my old job of repairing equipment. Just follow the


Spaghetti sauce-from scratch
Chicken cutlets
Mexican Pie

what is Mexican pie

Its so easy-groundbeef brown,mix with salsa, corn,beans(opt), cover with cornbread mix-bake 350 and spread cheddar cheese on top till melted.

I love it but i like it with jalapenos. Lot of them.


Grits, eggs, bacon, and toast.

That's what I grew up eating and still like it. The most difficult part is the toast.

Yeah, buddy!

if you ask for toast in New Mexico it comes out as a second course. tortillas eight away, they must be easier



Chili and hot tamales. It's a winter favorite. I actually look forward to winter just so I can make chili!

love tamales. when i moved to NM i learned chili means something different

In that part of the country, peppers are called chilis aren't they?

@Eazyduzzzit that is correct. and chili is a sauce either of red or green chilis


I'm a fairly decent cook, but if I'm just making something for myself a grilled cheese is a good old standby.


After having lived overseas for fifteen years, I came back to this country with a lot of international recipes--Korean, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Thai, Indian, etc.. But I guess the one thing I keep going back to--and went to great efforts to put together when I was overseas--is something popular in my home state of North Carolina: Brunswick stew. It originally had squirrel in it, but it's usually made with chicken and/or pork these days, and includes all sorts of veggies, but the must-haves are corn and limas or butter beans. I measure the cooking time in numbers of beers drunk. It's served with cornbread or hush puppies and cole slaw on the side, at the very least.


Pasta, since it is my favorite thing to eat! With a little Italian sausage. And a nice salad on the side. The only tradition it is related to is my tradition for eating too much pasta.

I also like to make chocolate chip cookies.

Speaking of which - my daughter made a batch recently, and we ate too many of them so she didn't have enough left to take to her class. So I made some replacements and offered them to her. She replied "Dad, I have a reputation to keep! I can't just take yours!".

i guess yoy are going to have to practice!

Secretly, I think mine are better, but I couldn't tell her that. πŸ˜‰

better to keep the peace


Halupki... lol

Had to look that one up. Looks pretty good!

i have had that by a different name

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