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This is beyond sickening. If anyone is hurt or killed as a result of this, the people responsible, including this perp, should be arrested immediately.

Organist1 8 June 20

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if you had studied ancient political history, you would know that ancient peoples created legislative bodies because they realized that killing their opponents was not getting them what they wanted.

Even now, the news tells us of threats on politicians’ lives and the politicians who receive the threats do not get overly excited.

@Organist1 I hope you and your son seek professional help.

There are people running for public office who are now advocate executing gay people. Where and when will it end? If this is an acceptable way to run an ad campaign, what's next?

@yvilletom For suggesting that threats of political violence are unacceptable? Wow. Self own dude.


And the GOP wonders why the rest of the world regards the entirety of the Rethuglican Party as being a real and present danger to the people of America. 😟

Anyone who now identifies as republican is now complicit in this kind of s#!t.


He Sucks and Twitter sucks for not throwing him off.

I have been thrown off Twitter for far less. It's one rule for the rich and famous, and a different rule for everybody else.

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