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The Supreme Court has just handed down a decision in Carson v. Makin that further erodes the separation of religion and government.

From American Atheists
21 June 2022

According to the ruling, Maine will be forced to fund private, religious schools under a program originally intended to provide children in very rural communities with the equivalent of a secular, public education.

This ruling undermines decades of precedent and forces Maine taxpayers to directly fund religious schools that are free to discriminate against atheists, LGBTQ students or parents, or anyone else in the name of religion.

We know this decision will have far-reaching consequences for public education and for church-state separation for decades to come.

We'll be discussing what comes next with our partners at the Freedom from Religion Foundation and Center for Inquiry on Wednesday, June 22 at 6:00pm ET. Register now for this important even.

We'll discuss the background of Carson v. Makin, the ruling itself, and its consequences. Our panel of experts will particularly emphasize how this case affects public schools and the rights of nonreligious Americans and members of minority religions.


Our Presenters:

Alison Gill, Vice President for Legal and Policy, American Atheists

Geoffrey Blackwell, Litigation Counsel, American Atheists

Nick Little, Legal Director, Center for Inquiry

Patrick Elliott, Senior Litigation Counsel, Freedom From Religion Foundation

As Justice Sotomayor said in her dissent, "the Court leads us to a place where separation of church and state becomes a constitutional violation." Today it's public schools. Who knows what comes next?

Join us tomorrow, June 22, at 6:00pm ET and we'll break down where we go from here.

I hope to see you there.


Samantha McGuire
National Field Director
American Atheists

nicestuff 7 June 21

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Please remember that the shit-for-brains judges were appointed to SCOTUS by that shit-for-brains-in-chief Donald Trump.


Maine should secede and tell the Vatican 6 gangsters TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES deport all religious people to NewHamshire that voted for TrumpOLiNi


Is there a way to separate state and the people. I don't like :We the Government vs :We the People:. GOVERNMENT nearly steals half my money and give me BS covid mandates. Than divides groups with labeled and forces people against each other.. There is only one God and it is called GOVERNMENT. Like the wizard behide the curtain of the Great OZ


Why should tax payer’s money only go to public schools if their children don’t go to a public school.
Start an atheist school and you’ll get the same funding.
Sounds like equality to me.


Good fences make good neighbors.

There goes the neighborhood.


Need to pack the court now. Add 4 more justices and make them atheists and liberals to balance out the right wing extremist Catholics on the bench!


Now is the time to open religious schools to various non-christian faiths: Pastafarians, Satanists, Muslim, etc. If it works for one, it must work for all, no?


This is why not voting or staying home when Hillary won the national but not the electoral college was s terrible thing to do and now we are paying for those Hillary haters from her own party, listen I wasn't a fan either but I voted for her, unfortunately too many Hillary haters were extremely shortsighted, thanks a lot assholes!

Misogyny is alive and well in the good ol' USA. The exception is when it serves a purpose to pick a female, Amy on SCOTUS is a good example.

@MizJ I would call it stupidity more than misogyny, because there were many women who didn't vote for her, Susan Sarandon comes to mind just as an example.

@Mofo1953 They were both factors, misogyny is so ingrained that it may not be as obvious.


We can only hope Alito and Thomas drop dead and do it soon.

barjoe Level 9 June 21, 2022

I keep praying but nothing seems to happen, lol.

@GrooshStar That's where you've gone wrong. Prayers are worthless.

@barjoe for the record, if it wasn't obvious, I was being sarcastic. I'm with you, praying don't do shit.

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