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RINO Hunting Permit Ad

This is truly one of the most insane (frighteningly so) political ads I've personal seen, in my entire life, since knowing what politics are and what political ads are for. And I remember when that was. George McGovern. I picked him. And that was a damn long time ago.)

*This video is a must see. This video, in and of itself, tells the entire story of the post-Trump America. It's disgusting, disturbing, and a stark reminder that we are in VERY serious trouble in this country.


SeaGreenEyez 9 June 22

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So now it is alright to bust into someones house and shoot them. WOW!


There's no such thing as shame or sanity anymore, with this cult.


Just the RINO acronym shows the GOP is no longer a political party, it's a cult.


They'll vote for him..

Sadly true


Apparently, he is a Pedophile, this idiot is going to get elected. A criminal repub cannot but get into office, how else are they supposed to make a living.


He was the best trained person in the video and he is the last person through the door. So if he comes for you with a crew of people he will be the one dressed to kill, shoot him first and the rest go shit themselves.


I don't understand their secret weapon, god level willful ignorance.
I am powerless when they have their delusion shields up.


This particular politician resigned in disgrace some years ago. He's simply trying to get his name in the news. He has absolutely no morals and only seeks to regain power he once had and lost. I highly doubt he gives a fuck about guns. He's likely sitting at home masturbating over the fact that his name is all over the news media and everyone's talking about him.


Killing your political opponents is something that Putin the Putrid does. Welcome to the United Soviet Socialist Rethuglicans of America.


Nasty stuff

bobwjr Level 10 June 22, 2022

Over the top as this might be, it could actually gain him more support in the RW fever swamp than it costs him in the sane world.

This gangster gubnor senator wannabe is no different than the UVALDE SCHOOL shooter .... using rapid fire military weaponS to obliterate the heads off fellow rethuglicans.... Saturday TrumpOLini is just minutes east of Missouri in a town of 800 population to celebrate guns hate gays and promote the genocidal alleged bible gawd .... M.A.G.A. is mere repetition of murdering Red people for their land and raping Black women to sell their babies.... USA has always been in serious trouble since 1776 McGovern was the last Senator for President trying to bring home troops from the USA killing fields Vietnam 1972 and Kuwait 1992... most voters LOVE USA murdering people globally inside&outside USA borders with poison & projectiles

Yup..they loves them some Guns,Gawd, Bullets,Babies and Jebus..

I have to admit, I am a little surprised at some of the criticism Greitens has received. Hawley and a few other GOP extremists have expressed blunt disapproval instead of silence. Fascinating.

@alliwant I see that as a sign that the Repugnicant Party is heading down the path towards self-destruction.

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