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White Christian Supremacists will do anything to foist their evil onto other people.


It seems highly unlikely as long as Clarence Thomas is on the court! What, after all, would he say to Ginni? 😂

Good bye?

Maybe that is the only way he sees out of the marriage haha! But seriously, since interracial marriage is a possibility for this narrow-minded court, they could still pass it without Thomas. Ugh, and what happens to all the currently married inter-racial and/or same sex couples? Why "fix" a "problem" that IS NOT THERE! Grrr!

@Julie808 Or what happens to the offspring of interracial couples? I'm half and half? What are they planning for me?

@PondartIncbendog My grandchildren are half and half... and most of the people of Hawaii are a mixed races. If those pulling the puppet strings of the Supreme Court don't want a multi-faith or multi-race marriage, then they shouldn't do it... Same with abortions, contraception and same sex marriage. Some couples I've married are wondering what happens to their marriage if the government deems it invalid? Crazy times we are living in. Hoping the pendulum swings back to a more moderate position with the next election cycle.

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