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Can the 3 perjurists in SCOTUS be impeached for perjury?

Mooolah 8 June 25

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I wish but.....


If your house is robbed you don't go to the thief and demand justice, if you do, don't be outraged if you are simply robbed again.


So we now have three liars in SCOTUS. Welcome to the United $tates of Obscenity.


If only!


There should definitely be a strong conversation about the fact that those 3 justices perjured themselves in their confirmation hearings and therefore their vote on the issue should not be counted. They should have abstained. I would love to see a strong threat of impeachment hearings for them, though I know it would never happen, I sure like to think about it.

This is the time to seriously consider either removing unfit justices (those who have misused their position to further a spouses political agenda, and those who voted on an issue where they said under oath that was settled law) and/or adding more justices to even the score and/or imposing term limits, since the Supreme Court has lost its integrity and now seems to be an arm of the political parties.


They are above the law as so many politicians are, unfortunately..

Buddha Level 8 June 25, 2022

Not a chance in hell of it happening without a super majority of Democrats in the Senate.


The Senate can impeach for any reason it wants to impeach merely by saying an act was a high crime, which is not defined in the Constitution.


In an interview I saw....Sen. Susan Collins stated very firmly that they deceived her during their interviews!

Yes, she has to say that to salve her conscience, and attempt to appease her constituents, but she had to have known in her heart that they were lying.

@Julie808 Still...she might be useful in an impeachment hearing!


Can they and should they might be two different questions. They certainly should.

skado Level 9 June 25, 2022
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